Sceneries and Landmarks Made of Lego

If  you’re a Lego enthusiast, a kid at heart or a fan of works that involve creativity and loads of patience, you might want to drop by the Lego Exhibit over at a mall which will be running until January 12, 2012.

If you can’t check out the exhibit in person, I have pics after the jump, so as not to spoil those who will be heading over.

There were four sets of glass display cases featuring a winter scenery, Asian landmarks and some tableaus uniquely Pinoy and neighborhood montages. All made up of Lego.

Winter Wonderland

Why hello Mr. Snowman. You’ve grown quite tall.

Top view. Some houses have snow on their roofs.

The Polar Express?

Around the Philippines

The nativity scene. I’ve classified this here since most catholic homes in the country would put up a Belen during Christmas Season.

St. James Church. Location stated in the label’s blurred so I did a google search and it sure looks like the St. James Church in Dapitan. That’s a jeepney at left, which I didn’t get into the pic. It’s a local vehicle. I haven’t read the Bourne Legacy paperback. They will be filming the movie in the metro next week and some DJ on the radio said that there will be a chase scene involving Rachel Weisz in a jeepney.

#itsmorefuninthephilippines because we have a lot of festivals, like the Kadayawan Festival in Davao. We also have a lot of traditions and even if the Bayanihan spirit is not a value limited to Filipinos (Contrary to what some Sibika at Kultura teachers taught. Come on. Helping another being is a human trait.) one doesn’t see a group of people transporting a hut elsewhere as often. Not that it often happens here. But I’ve seen this in actuality.

Rizal Monument and Rizal (Luneta Park).

The Provincial Capitol of Camarines Norte sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyone wanna enlighten me as to why it’s included in the display?

Asian Landmarks Plus One

That female security guard at the back? Gotta be deaf. Politely told her several times (in different variations), “Excuse po,” I’d like to take a picture of  the Rizal Park. It’s at the corner of the glass case which one wouldn’t be able to take a shot of if someone’s right in front of it. She wouldn’t budge. She’s as still as the Merlion, Singapore until a couple of minutes later after I’ve taken a pic of the Petronas Towers, Bank of Asia and this one.

The Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia are not exactly Siamese twins as one tower is taller than the other and have different parents/builders. Did you know that one of the designers is a Filipino Malaysian and another Filipino designer provided consultancy work? Check out this wiki link .

The trivia that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible in space? So not true.

Dragon Dance happening at the Tiananmen Square

Anime fans/otakus would recognize this landmark. And so too those who’ve seen Lost in Translation. It’s Tokyo Tower.

Bank of Asia, Bangkok. Not sure why it’s included. Probably because of  it’s architectural design which earned it the name robot building.

The plus one’s the Eiffel Tower which was in a different display case.

Buildings (and other things you might see) in Your Neighborhood

Like a farm…

or a Pier.

I wonder what they’re constructing…

office buildings?

a hotel or condo and a pool?

commercial establishments? play areas? Wouldn’t mind those.

And a quaint cafe is certainly essential.

Contrasts: a festive carousel and a solemn temple

Lego Apple Tree House

Star Wars crafts (Imperial At-AT Walker, Clone Turbo Tank) lost in the neighborhood.

The display cases surround a giant Christmas tree, of course, made out of Lego.

There are more displays/things to see at the malls, the Christmas Trees made out of recycled newspapers and the Santa Claus Village. For those not ready to accept that the Holidays are over.

2 thoughts on “Sceneries and Landmarks Made of Lego

  1. I LOVE LEGO! I especially love the Eiffel Tower… Thanks for this Salmoncat! I won’t be able to go there personally as it’s too far from us. So thank you!

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