Katy Perry Purr Perfume Signing / Meet and Greet

This was what was at the SM Mall of Asia atrium that Saturday (January 21) we went there. Katy Perry was dropping by for a meet and greet / Purr Perfume signing in the afternoon and at close to 12 noon this was how the area looked like. The outer enclosed area beyond the cordoned stage was for people who purchased 100ml Purr Perfumes, entitling themselves to a meet and greet, Purr perfume signing and photo op with Katy Perry. The inner enclosed area was reserved for guests (celebrities and media, etc) of the company that brought in the brand.  The black covered area behind the stage was Katy Perry’s private waiting area. Pic of that area here.

After a delayed lunch which was the fault of a certain QSR as they totally forgot what we ordered, we got back to the atrium  at near 2PM. The place was filling up. We decided that we’ll stay upstairs overlooking the activity center since all the spaces directly behind the barriers at the ground floor were occupied. I was thinking that people who purchased the perfume and arrived later were at a disadvantage if they wanted to take pics prior to having their bottles signed since the area designated to them runs on the side and snakes to the back. The best area would have been the one near Watson’s as Katy Perry made her way into the mall through an entrance there.

There were two ads in PDI, one mentioned the meet and greet at 2PM, another at 3PM. Before her arrival, they showed clips of Katy Perry talking about Purr Perfume and played in loops the music vid of  “Last Friday Night”.  Wouldn’t have minded if they played her other music vids but it was just “Last Friday Night” over and over and over…

They had a contest probably an hour before Katy Perry arrived. From what we could see from upstairs, Tim Yap picked three people from the reserved areas (two from guests, one from those that purchased the perfume) and asked questions pertaining to Katy Perry. Those that answered correctly won tickets to the concert the next night. The questions were what is Katy Perry’s real name, what is the name of the tour and what is the name of the fragrance. Of course everyone got it right. He also asked what was the name of Katy Perry’s other perfume and the name of her pet cat. No prizes were involved though.

Katy Perry arrived past 4, nearing 5PM. And… everyone whipped out their cameras. I was told by another person behind me to put down my arms as it was getting in the way of his shot and I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t give in. Don’t it just gets to you when some people wants you to do something beneficial to them at your expense? Like that time when I was in an old LRT train and some woman told me that she wants my seat since if she were to sit on the small space besides me she’d be squished against one of the poles. Um, so you want me to give you my seat so it would be me getting squished against the pole?

Katy Perry admiring purple cupcakes.

After addressing the crowd, Katy Perry got ready to meet her fans who purchased her fragrance and sign their bottles. They can’t bring their personal belongings on stage only the Purr Perfume. Hence they can’t take personal pics on stage. There is a photographer on hand though.

First fan in line.

I just have to post this girl’s pic even if it’s all blurry since she made the effort of dressing up in a shirt with purple cat prints.

Security was over the top. I heard the concert the next night started 2 hours late  because of security reasons as well. A guard began to hover near us after I brought out my camera phone and took first pic. No one was even there yet. At a little past 2PM, just when all the good spaces for taking pics were occupied, guards made us move from our area above the stage. Note in the first pic that there are barriers after the railings. People were made to move behind those barriers.  And there I thought those were put up to regulate foot traffic. Note the burly guards in the pics above when Katy Perry arrived. Some guy also made a sweep of the area prior to her arrival as well.

After standing for three hours and having no leg room for movement, getting crushed by people and being used as a tripod by someone behind me who’s also taking pictures (I moved each time I felt her click her cam. Hehe.), I can say that I’m fairly satisfied to have seen Katy Perry in person even from afar.

Hats off to Hayden Kho who, unlike other celebrities who came just before Katy Perry did, spent almost thee hours on his feet like the rest of us.

Meet other local KatyCats here. There are links on the page to facebook and twitter accounts of this fan group recognized by PolyEast Records.

Better pics are found here.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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