Tapa King

I know that this is the month of love and I have ranted in the past two posts but I had a freaky dream about this last night so I’m posting this just to let it out of my system. Remember that QSR I mentioned in my previous post which forgot our orders? Tapa King SM Mall of Asia.This particular branch is a bit small with dining tables spilling out of the store much like the other stores in  that part of MOA.

Tapa Queen

We placed orders for Tapa Queen and Tapa Joe and 2 Pepsis and took a booth near the door. Twenty minutes plus passed from the time stamped on our receipt. People who came in after us had already received their food: a couple in a table in front of us, a threesome beside us, someone who took his food outside and two other guys going solo. I told my sister that it may be because these people ordered other items as evidenced by the bowls they were digging into. Until the lone wait staff served one of the guys the same item we ordered.

Tapa Joe

It became obvious that they have completely forgotten what we ordered when the person who took our orders went to our table and asked for our receipt, which she took back to the kitchen. A few minutes later our meals appeared. No apologies. Plus, I had to tell the wait staff that I need the receipt back.

We had to scarf down our meals which was quite easy since they were beef strips. Too bad we didn’t get to relish each bite. See. This is what bad service does. It takes away from the dining experience.

Visit Tapa King website here for their menu and to know the difference  between the Tapa Queen and Tapa Joe (contrary to what the website mentions, sidings is pickled green papaya and not tomato salsa); also for the list of outlets.

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