Buttery Nails

tony moly buttery yellow nail polish

Last year Lady E had a Thanksgiving Giveaway  over at Bits and Treats. I joined and she picked me to win a really yummy loot. Among this was a bottle of Tony Moly Nail Enamel in MK03 .  The international website describes it as a milky yellow nail polish and considers it as one of the most sought after colors by customers, of the 10 colors launched during the Spring of 2009.

The local website also lists this product but doesn’t have a picture of it.

tony moly milky yellow nail polish

Since summer has officially begun according to PAGASA, I’ve decided to wear this pale yellow nail polish over this past weekend. It’s summery and sunny, though not as intense as the scorching heat (hottest temp this year so far, 34.2 degrees Celcius)  that we’ve been subjected to in the last couple of days. While having breakfast yesterday, I’ve noticed the color’s pretty similar to that of butter. Was able to hold off gnawing on my nails.tony moly milky yellow nail polish

Last February, Lady E once again had  Thanksgiving Giweaways with nail polishes again up for grabs along with a couple of beauty stuff. Not to worry if you weren’t able to join and satisfy your nail polish cravings, Hyphen Store carries BK, BNC, OPI, LA Colors and China Glaze, even magnetic nail polishes. No more Tony Moly nail polishes though as I understand all the items in the blog sale album were sold out.

Try visiting a Tony Moly store. Interact with local Tony Moly fans in the official facebook page here.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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