Roo Shopper Mini with Cat Design

We were at a department store some time last week when we came upon two rows of what looked like small pouches from afar. Upon closer inspection, the pouches were in fact, Roototes! Well, Roo Shopper Minis. Heart beating fast, I sorted through what was available, knowing that Roototes have cat designs. I spotted and took home this:

I left its only twin behind. There were no other cat designs but the one above.  Not to worry. She has macaroons with her and is in the company of dogs and bunnies.

Edited 4/16/2012: The cat design is similar to the photo I took in SG, of a cat yawning. It’s my twitter page’s background pic. See here.

The mini shopper opens to what we locally call a sando bag (called as such because it is shaped like a sando or tanktop). It has that kangaroo pouch, the reason why it’s called a Roo or a Rootote, an inert compartment accessible through a zipper outside the bag, on its side. Good for storing keys, cellphone and wallet. Just keep the side where the pouch is located to your body as the material of the bag can be knifed by pickpocket. Oh, and it doesn’t have a top closure of any sort.

Aside from the kangaroo pouch, it has an inner compartment where one can slip MRT/ LRT and ID cards for ease of access. It doesn’t have a lining but at least the inner compartments doesn’t share the same walls as the main bag. There is a care tag with instructions in Japanese.

How big is the mini shopper? Big (or should as say small?) enough to fit a BDJ Planner, wallet, cellphone, some pens and a really small kikay kit, but there wouldn’t be space for your umbrella or anything else.

It’s only P70 so maybe it’s a knock-off. Would SM sell a knock-off?

Wanna know where else you could buy a Rootote? Here’s the site of Rootote Philippines and their facebook page. And a page selling the totes with instructions on how to unfold the bag, plus cat designs. I hope Roototes come out with more bags with cat designs for me to adopt!

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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