Planners for New Graduates

A friend was wondering what she could get her girl friend who just graduated from college. It occurred to me that the ideal gift was right under my nose while I was going through my stash of paper products. I was then looking at the BDJ and Navi Planners I received from Summit Media after they picked my name in their and Femalenetwork raffles. (They gave away Viviamo and CBTL planners through most of their online portals the past holiday season. Thank you Summit Media!)

A planner. To organize her soon to be busy life.

I’ve always thought of the Belle De Jour Planner (or BDJ Planner) as the mother of all planners, the one that set the bar for all local planners not churned out by a coffee company. Unlike with corporate planners, she sure won’t get bored with the BDJ Planner’s really purty pages and colorful illustrations. Pastels are generally used for the background so whatever she’ll write won’t get lost in the colors. Paper used is not flimsy.

Each month is sectioned off by helpful articles on an array of topics ranging from gifting to thrifting.

Following each article are half-page inspirational/self help tips. The top half of this page has space for jotting down important events, priorities, a commitment statement, positivities and other lists for the month. The weekly planner pages immediately follows the monthly planner page it belongs with.

For each week, there’s space at the bottom of the pages for goals, priorities, a commitment statement, positivities and other lists for the week. Days are vertically positioned, hours indicated although these can be ignored. Each day has a list space too which may be used to as an extension of the schedule (because heaven forbid she gets a boss who demands her time at 12 in the morning even if her job’s supposed to be from 9AM to 6PM only.) or for listing groceries.

The BDJ Planner also has special pages: the dreamboard which she can fill up with pics of stuff she aspires for, the goals page which she can use for her 2012 targets, a letter to self page and a page for random thoughts or affirmations.

Menstrual tracker? Check. Health checklist (for monitoring checkup results)? Check. Habit tracker (for cultivating good habits)? Check. Vacation planner pages (all work no play makes people homicidal)? check. Special events planner page (for birthday parties, weddings, etc.) Gift list (extremely important to avoid repeat gifts)? Check.

She’s sure to find the bills and cash flow trackers useful when budgeting her paychecks.

The BDJ Planner also has a checklist of things one can do for 2012.

A massive 80 coupons are found throughout the planner. Very helpful for the newly graduate who’s looking to score the best deals out of her hard earned cash. There are discount coupons for stuff she will be needing for work (clothes, shoes, bags) and for food and coffee. Because yuppies need a lot of coffee!

Another thing that I think she’d like of the BDJ Planner is the BDJ Lifestyle Card which was launched last year. The card which can be claimed until April 30 this year allows the owner to enjoy discounts from partner establishments all year long. Then there’s the BDJ events (Rendezvous and Passion Series). The events allow BDJ girls to learn more about a host of topics, participate in games or reach out activities and interact with other women. Should she prefer interacting online instead, there’s BDJ portal and FB pages.

There’s a guide on a how to use the planner and what its features are for newbies. I suggest getting the spiral bound (hard bound also available) so that should she find the BDJ Planner bulky or heavy, she could do what I do. Pull back the spine at the back then remove some of the pages she won’t be using or have used.

The Navi Planner meanwhile is BDJ Planner’s brother or not-so girly sister. The general concensus online seems to be that while the BDJ Planner is for women, the Navi Planner is for guys. This may be due to the generally earthy color scheme employed throughout the planner. Still, the clean, more serious format may appeal to women who think the BDJ Planner is too pink. Paper used ain’t flimsy either.

The monthly planner pages are lumped  all together before the weekly planner pages. They offer more space than BDJ Planner’s monthly planner pages since two pages are assigned to a month.

Articles on different places across the globe section off the weekly planner pages by month.,/p>

Two pages are allotted for each week in the weekly planner pages. At left, the days are arranged horizontally. Hours aren’t indicated. At right is a grid with months and dates running at the top, the present month and week highlighted. Some grids bear reflections on the month’s featured place.

The Navi Planner has fewer special pages. For me, it has this underlying sense of urgency. See, it has a goals page which has a column for indicating date of goal accomplishment. Then there’s the bucket list, space to list down things to do if one has just one year to live. It’s only tempered by a future planning page for present achievements and plans for next year.

It does though offer more freedom. The combined travel and special event planner pages, allows one to use the pages for whichever he/she has more in his/her life.

The list pages also allows one to use them for listing just about anything.

And yes, like the BDJ Planner, Navi Planner has a a checklist suggesting things one can do for 2012.

All 32 coupons in the Navi Planner can also be found in the BDJ Planner. The coupons I’m sure she’d enjoy would be the BOGO for four hour massage at Ace Water Spa. A relaxing treat to cap her years in school.  I know some people who purchase the planners just for the Ace Water Spa coupons inside.

While electronic gadgets provide ways to organize, there’s nothing like committing thoughts to paper.  Plus, there has been a resurgence in interest over paper planners recently, if the number currently available in the market is any indication.

Viviamo planners can be bought through their webpage and from stores in Metro Manila listed here.


4 thoughts on “Planners for New Graduates

  1. Hello dearest salmoncat! I’m so jealous about the belle de jour planner. I can’t seem to find any these days. Btw, thanks so much for leaving me a PM on my Facebook fan page. My mouth was wide-open while reading it. Grabeh pala yung experience ninyo sa Treasure Hunters ride…

    1. Hi Kaye! Yup, we remember that ride quite vividly. 🙂 I enjoy reading about your SG/Sentosa trip along with your other posts. It takes real commitment to be able to chronicle trips as you have done.

      About the planner, by the second quarter of the year, they seem to disappear from the bookstores I frequent as well. Online na lang sila available. And sometimes they get offered in group buying sites. Haven’t tried those though.

    1. I remember you having a BDJ giveaway last year and gushing about the planner’s travel theme. I like that Viviano Planners continually evolve and that the BDJ is both aesthetically appealing and has that somewhat serious and encouraging tone. Somewhat rallying you to achieve your goals.

      (Here that peeps? Kumiko Mae’s giving away a Campus BDJ planner. Head onto now. Cat-lovers, you may want to purchase one shouldn’t you win. There’s a cat on the cover!)

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