Of Avengers and BtVS

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As a kid, I never got to read any DC nor Marvel comic books. Television, cartoons in particular, was the one that introduced me to superheroes. Five off the top of my head: Superfriends, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin, Hulk (forgot the title ‘coz I didn’t like the Hulk.), Spiderman (the one where he’s joined by Iceman and Firestar) and the Uncanny X-Men (which I super duper enjoyed watching, maybe because I was older when it came out.). So yeah, I guess I was not that exposed to The Avengers. I can’t seem to recall an Avengers (as a group) cartoon which was shown locally. But I do know that there were Marvel trading cards that proliferated eons ago. My youngest brother had a boxful of them.

The cards had a picture of the Marvel character on one side and details about the character at the back: a chart rating their speed, strength, agility, stamina and intelligence (Silver Surfer seems to score really high on all 5); short back story and explanation of their abilities and trivia.

Still, with only surface knowledge, I was eager to watch The Avengers movie. Because I have a girl crush on Black Widow and I was curious as to how the movie would turn out under Joss Whedon.

I’m not really a Whedonite (a Joss Whedon fan). I was only able to watch almost all episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (My sister is a BtVS fan.), a couple of Dollhouse and Angel episodes and Serenity. So based on what I’ve seen on BtVS, what I like about Whedon, is that he is good with continuity, at creating a solid, entertaining storyline (well, most of the time) and at crafting witty, tongue-in-cheek dialogues.

He sure brought his A game to the Avengers. The movie’s awesome.

But here’s the thing, or should I say, some spoilers. Please bail now so as not to be spoiled.

The movie is not without flaws. I snickered in my head at the obligatory Heroes Walk and got lost in the technical stuff the characters spewed and how Bruce Banner was able to control the Hulk the second time he transformed.

Not flaws, just me thinking: I could not help but flashback to Season 5 BtVS as I watch the movie. Season 5 had a god – Glory – for a villain (Whedon has seemingly admitted that he’s an atheist in an interview before.). In the season finale, Glory got a pounding from Buffy. An inter-dimensional portal was opened, from a tower. Buffy sacrificed herself to close the portal by jumping into it. And for a minute there, I thought we’d go into the season 2 finale wherein Angel was trapped in another dimension but if you’ve seen the info in IMDB on a film to be shown next year you already know that the getting trapped in another dimension does not happen. Then there’s the Watchers Council in Buffy. And, this is reaching because the Avengers Initiative was already mentioned in Iron Man; but there was a secret, military group called the Initiative in the fourth season of BtVS.

Edited 5/10/12: I’m well aware that the character in The Avengers film went through the portal for another reason.  Fell for that one huh, copiers?

And has anyone spotted Alexis Denisof (Wesley in BtVS/Angel)? We only learned that he was in the film when we spotted his name in the credits.

Okay I’ll stop now and let you guys watch the film yourself. Do stick around for the clip inserted between the credits.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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