Floats and Cones

Recently, Jollibee (a local fastfood chain) launched two float options, Chocolate and Coffee Floats. I got to taste the Chocolate Float some time ago. I would have preferred the Coffee Float but was told by crew at the Trinoma branch that it was not available. Wished they placed a “not available” note on the menuboard translight.

The actual amount of product I got. Have yet to touch it. See the clean straw? Drink didn’t even come near the rim as opposed to the perfect, overflowing floats they serve press people.

The Jollibee Chocolate Float (chocolate drink, ice, soft serve vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup) got me thinking of the chocolate float sold in the private sectarian school I went to by one of the concessionaires. It was only P5 and they didn’t put ice in the floats. Just a rich chocolate drink, like the ones sold in tetra bricks and milk bottles, topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream. That’s what always bugs me with the floats being offered by Jollibee, Burger King and McDonalds. They put ice in it, I wonder why. Sans the ice, I’m sure the ice cream will float to the surface of the beverage it came with. The ice just gets in the way. See, my mode of attack is to alternately sip the liquid and spoon the sundae using the straw. The only time I mix the ice cream and liquid components is when the sundae has melted. I’m sure it’s not only me who almost always end up with an avalanche of ice.

That concessionaire was also the one who inducted me to chocolate sundaes and sundae cones. But it was an old mamang sorbetero (someone who sells ice cream) who parks his ice cream cart outside the school gates who introduced me to chocolate coated ice cream in cones. Yup, he was selling the sweet treat long before Jollibee. And the great thing was the variety of ice cream flavors: cheese, ube, chocolate, langka (jackfruit) and sometimes avocado and strawberry. Not just vanilla. (And of course, it was not soft serve.) We also get to choose between sugar or wafer cones. It did not matter that the ice cream was not too creamy and the cones were not thick. For my young mind it was magic when the sorbetero dips the ice cream end into a bowl of chocolate syrup with pinipig which coats the ice ceam and solidifies into a crunchy chocolate shell. Liquid to solid.

The concessionaire was not there anymore when I graduated from high school and I’m sure the old mamang sorbetero’s not to be found outside the gates either. Maybe other entrepreneurs have taken their place. Time to build memories on cold confections by Jollibee and other QSRs for now.


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