Tokyo Tokyo Fish Katsudon Donburi Bowl

I am wary of ordering rice bowls at QSRs as the amount of viand is often overwhelmed by the amount of rice. I feel guilty when there is still rice left and all the viand’s gone (Poor rice. Left alone on the plate.) that I would try to distribute the viand evenly over the rice. This often lead to bland spoonfuls.

This is not the case with the Fish Kastudon Donburi Bowl from Tokyo Tokyo as I somehow often get a generous amount of breaded fish and nori when I order it. And no, I don’t think that it’s the rice that’s lacking. A piece of fried egg joins the breaded fish, the yolk runny enough to coat the rice once you break it. Mix seaweed with that and yum, yum, yum! I like seaweed BTW.

The Fish Kastudon Donburi Bowl served with a glass of softdrink costs P99 but has for months been no longer available at Tokyo Tokyo branches. Such a shame. Please bring it back Tokyo Tokyo!

Please visit Tokyo Tokyo’s Facebook page for more information on the QSR and if you’re like me who misses the Fish Katsudon Donburi Bowl, to request that they bring it back. Here’s also a link to the current Tokyo Tokyo menu.


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