Blog Anniversary & Giveaways Concluding Today

In case some local readers missed this, this post is a reminder that today is the last day to join The Beautyjunkee‘s and Mrs Martinez’s respective anniversary & birthday giveaways. If you haven’t entered either, better head on to their blogs now for details.

The Beauty Junkee celebrates three years in the blogverse with a giveaway involving fixes to satisfy any beauty junkie: beauty products, GCs for beauty treatments, clothes and bags. Above is just one of sixteen sets of prizes a winner stands to receive. Yes. Sixteen. Sets. If you enjoy reading her posts you know where to head for the mechanics but just the same, here’s the link.

Mrs Martinez of Mrs Martinez Raves and Rants, a lifestyle blog (Warning, her blog has a smattering of food porn.), caps off her birth month with an equally impressive second year blog blow-out here. Above is one of the prizes up for grabs from prestigious brand, Pevonia Botanica.

So chop, chop, chop. Join. As they say, if you never take chances in life you’ll miss out on the best things.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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