Body Treats Antibacterial Hand Soap from Watsons

When this mall had its first biannual sale for this year, I made like a mad woman (just like the hundreds of shoppers in the department store) tearing down the aisles of beauty products, grabbing items in my list and plunking them into a plastic basket I was lucky to have spotted by the payment counters. There were discounts for carrying store privilege cards, for purchasing certain products, for making a minimum purchase. And freebies. For May it was a tote from the department store and a pair of flipflops from a stand alone Watsons store.

With these price-offs in mind and blitz computing as I have to make the 12 noon cut-off, I got two hand soaps to meet the P1500 quota for one more free tote. Besides the Body Treats Antibacterial Hand Soaps were on a BOGO offer, two for P189 at 750ml each. I hurriedly snagged one in the color I like best (green!) and the other one sitting right next to it which was in a different color (violet).

watsons hand soap citrus
Body Treats Antibacterial Hand Soap in Citrus (green) is really, um, citrus-y. I remember reading somewhere that it is best to use citrus-scented cleansers (soaps, hand washes), lemon-scented ones in particular, to get rid of nasty odors. Does it remove my hand’s fishy smell after I’ve handled fish? Yes. Does it leave my hand moisturized? Well, after using, I don’t feel my skin being pulled taut like after doing the laundry. Do I think my skin feels and looks moisturized after continued usage? Hard to tell since I’m also using a hand lotion. I believe it does fulfill its basic purpose, cleaning. It can remove hair coloring stains and ink stains from my hands, and dirt and dusts that water alone can’t remove. I have also used it to clean some of my kikay stuff like shower caps and combs.

As much as its scent is a pro, it is also a con. I love citrus-y scrents but this smells very much like the Calamansi (Philippine Lemon) variant of Joy Dishwashing Liquid. The last thing I want is to be reminded of chores after I have cleaned up. Should have taken a whiff first before buying. My sister who seldom does the dishes (love you dear sis!) thinks the smell is okay though.

I find the subtle floral scent of the Body Treats Antibacterial Hand Soap in Magnolia (violet) better. The only difference between the two variants is the scent. Both have a consistency more like shampoo, not so thick, a bit thin actually and produce a not so rich lather.

Aside from guarantees of clean and moisturized hands, the Body Treats Antibacterial Hand Soaps also promise to disinfect, “reduce germs and protect your hands for a longer period of time.” I have a feeling those blurbs stem from the AH1N1 alerts of a few years ago when everyone was encouraged to religiously wash their hands. Though I’m not quite sure how to conclusively determine if those promises are fulfilled short of doing a lab experiment, I think seeing that my hands are clean is an assurance I will take for now.

Body Treats products are exclusively distributed locally by Watsons.


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