Umbrellas to Endure the Rainy Months

In recent years it’s sad that I’ve come to equate the rain with flood waters, heavy traffic and getting my eye poked by someone’s umbrella. Just as I think I’ve experienced the worst something tops it.  Commuting is all levels of painful. But I’d rather stand it under umbrellas with fun prints, happy colors and unique styles.

Raining Cats and Dogs. That could very well be the name of this three-fold, not-your-boring-black umbrella from Fibrella. The repetitive chalk drawings of a cat and a dog, the primary reason why I got it.  The other being the size. Small enough to fit into an average sized handbag. It’s good for one person and comes in a pouch.

This four-fold umbrella from Esprit is my favorite because of the size when folded.

Slightly bigger than a 50 ml tube of Celeteque Moisturizer, I’ve managed to slid this in really small bags, leaving friends amazed when I whip it open. “Where did that came from?” “You managed to store that in your purse?” Don’t let the size fool you. It can shelter one average-sized person.

It comes in a pouch and a black case which I would sometimes leave behind as it adds a tiny bit of bulk.

Fibrella and Esprit umbrellas are available at malls in the metro.

The next two umbrellas are gifts. The numerous spokes give them a Chinese umbrella feel aside from allowing them to withstand strong winds. I seldom use these two since I can’t exactly fit them in my bag and I’m worried that due to my tendency to be forgetful, I might leave them and not be able to get them back.

Besides, the prints are really pretty, cheery pink flowers…


and a tropical scene: nipa huts and coconut trees.


I got this see through umbrella thinking how cool it would be to look up at overcast skies and raindrops chasing each other. No need to stick out my hand to check if it’s still raining. Unfortunately, this umbrella doesn’t fare well with gusty winds. I had to straighten some of the spokes when they got bent. Of course, it’s no good for sunny days as well.

Forgot how much I got this for but most definitely less than P200. I don’t know if National Bookstore still has this but Saizen carries this type of umbrella (only P88 ) since transparent umbrellas are quite common in Japan. I’m reminded of  “Lost in Translation” when I use it.

(edited 7/11/12) Bottle umbrellas were all the rage a few years ago. If you haven’t seen one, they’re umbrellas which when folded and slipped into their often plastic casing/canister looked like bottles. The handles form the neck. The one below came free with a minimum purchase at the ladies wear section of a mall, a promo also a few years back. I haven’t used it yet.


See? These sure beat suffering under drab, bulky  umbrellas with corporate logos.

(edited 7/11/12) Check out Fibrella umbrella designs on their webpage as well as facebook page. Saizen also has a facebook page.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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