Cats from Papemelroti

Papemelroti is a shop in the Philippines offering unique gift items, trinkets and decors, paper products and jewelry. Their products have a rustic, countryside feel and are often peppered by inspiring quotes and sayings.

It’s only natural for me to frequent their shops not only because of their paper products and trinkets but because they carry cat-themed stuff. Yup, it’s a cat-friendly store.

Here are a couple of Papemelroti kitties I’ve adopted in their fave nooks in our house:

Guarding the X-Files department (my collection of all things X-Files) are felicity cat figurines, Mulder and Scully. Couldn’t resist naming them so.

Then there’s Sam the Siamese Cat figurine and her clones. Which Sam is the original no one can tell. Here she is lounging in front of my books.

Oh, wait, there she is hiding from the light, behind a Papemelroti note pad, holding up some secret message.

Then again that could be her cozying up to Kitty bubble ring. Kitty looks very much like Salmon Cat, my baby cat whose name I took up.

By the way, if you have any Papemelroti item, except for paper products and jewelry, residing in your house, you might want to join their raffle contest over at their website. Essentially you have to take a pic of the item in its current habitat, say a cat note holder on your desk, then post it on any social media channel account you have which is viewable by the public, like facebook. After which, you have to head on to their contest page for more instructions. At stake is a Papemelroti GC worth P1000 which you can use to adopt more cats, I mean, Papemelroti stuff.

Discover more about Papemelroti from their website. Check out the products they offer. Take some home, shopping online is possible. They also have craft project tutorials.  Learn more about their advocacies.

Get updates from their twitter page. Interact with fellow fans on their FB page.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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