Bobbie Nail Polish in Weng Weng for Rainy Days

Bobbie has this collection of nail polishes with colorful shimmers whose names are that of cocktail drinks. Some of the colors don’t match that of the drinks which makes me think the one who named them may have had a few himself/herself.

Take Weng Weng, which reminds me not of orange and pineapple juice infused liquor but of wet sand (Incidentally, Chic, sister nail polish brand of Bobbie, launched its sandy collection early this year. See the Polish Police’s post for swatches.) and our kitchen counter top. A slate gray whose shimmers give it the illusion of being grainy, when it’s not hit directly by sunlight.

I used two coats in the pic below. It takes three coats to achieve the color one sees in the bottle, so pretty with the shimmers winking silver, green then purple when intense sunlight hits them. The label says it’s a glaze. I purchased this two years plus ago and even if it has slightly congealed, I can still swipe it over my nails with ease. No streaks. Had difficulty twisting open the cap though as the dried nail polish stuck it a few times to the rim.

I tend to wear this nail polish along with other dark colored nail polishes on rainy days (toenails only during weekdays, tips and toenails on weekends.) as dirt streaks are more noticeable on pale pink or light colored toenails  and could hardly pass as nail art.

A 10ml bottle is around P25-P30 while a 15ml one goes for P31-P40. Landmark Trinoma has a relatively large selection of shades and finishes. For more information on Bobbie nail polishes and nail products, visit their website here. It doesn’t have expansive information on their products though so it’s best to google product blog posts instead. Not sure if this is the official fb page but you could find links to blog posts on Bobbie nail care products here.


2 thoughts on “Bobbie Nail Polish in Weng Weng for Rainy Days

  1. Thanks Christina. Sorry for leaving out that this is a local brand. I don’t think it’s available in the international market.

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