Colorless, Natural (and One Not-So) Nail Polishes

There’s a post in FemaleNetwork’s Girltalk forums which observed that Filipinos are generally inclined to have painted toes more than tips.

I am one of those generally inclined people. And it’s because bright-colored manicures are frowned upon at work. For weekdays, I’ve been alternating just buffed nails, colorless/clear, natural/tinted and subtly colored nail polishes. I have yet to try a french manicure as I’m not one to grow my nails long for lengths of time. I’m not used to it. I often have difficulty doing tasks (like typing) or end up with scratches on my face no thanks to long nails.


Is saying painting nails colorless even right? Anyways, I’ve always thought that putting a clear gloss on nails is like swiping a clear ligloss/lipbalm on one’s lips. Almost the same purpose, to add sheen, make ’em not so dull. Every brand has a clear gloss and they don’t get lumpy as fast as other nail polishes hues. Definitely a staple.

Same with natural or tinted nail polish and tinted lipgloss/lipbalm. For some time, my mom stopped buying nail polish in natural. Caronia, her preferred natural nail polish brand, changed how its natural nail polish looks in its bottle. It was pinkish before, it’s more red now. She assumed the new natural will look redder on one’s nails.


So she got a bottle of Colortrends nail polish in “121” since it’s a transparent pink in the bottle. It didn’t say natural in the label though. And it has a slight orange tinge to it. As seen on the photo above, it translated into a translucent pronounced pink on one’s nails. Not what mom was looking for. Looks really pretty from afar though.


Eventually, we did get a bottle of Caronia nail polish in natural.  Apparently, mom’s thoughts about it were wrong. A translucent red on the bottle, it remains the same as before, a clear gloss with a slight pink tint on one’s nails.

See more Caronia nail polish colors at their website and more Colortrends nail polish colors here.


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