Thoughts on TDKR

(Another entry which has been sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time.)

Curiosity killed the cat, they say. In my case, it was curiosity killed the suspense. Prior to watching The Dark Knight Rises, I checked out Youtube and other sites for trailers since the movie was not aggressively promoted here in the Philippines. I came upon plenty of spoilers (No, Stephanie Brown did not appear in the movie.). There was a Youtube clip which showed the filming of a scene which was part of the movie’s climax, a site that showed pics from a movie tie-in children’s book and another which gave out the ending. Good thing then that we caught the movie on its opening day at one of the local cinemas near our place. The plot appeared in wikipedia, if I recall correctly, July 20.

(For those who still don’t know, for regular screenings, SM cinemas have eschewed movie tickets in favor of these magnetic cards which you have to insert into a slot on the turnstile.)

Spoilers will be appearing from here on as well.

Of course it was too early to tell if the spoilers I’ve seen on the net were real until I saw them on screen. I do wonder
what my perception of the movie would be had I remained spoil-free. Spoiled, I was now more attuned to the dialogue and nuances of the characters. My sister on the other hand, she who does not know who Talia is among other stuff and is unspoiled, found the movie dragging. That’s saying something considering that she has a crush on Christian Bale.

At the screening we’ve attended, everyone was either intently watching the movie or sleeping out of boredom. No reaction at all except for a pesky usherer who kept heckling “patay yung bida” (The  hero is dead.) after the nuclear explosion. I think there were five of us who would have stayed until the entire credits have rolled but the usherers were already getting as antsy as the next batch of moviegoers waiting outside.

I think The Dark Knight Rises will make less than The Avengers in the box office not only because of the Colorado shooting but because it’s serious, dark and brooding much like the titular character. Heavy is not everyone’s cup of tea. At least it had all those winks to the comic books, cartoons and previous films (like Batman Returns), playing well to the demographic that will still be there long after the hype has died down, the fanboys and girls. It sure had an interesting interpretation of the Lazarus Pit. Though instead of having Robin as his birth name, I wish they settled for one of the Robin’s real name preferably Dick Grayson as he had, in one of the comic books, at some point, took on the mantle of the Bat.

As a fangirl, I am pleased with movie. As a nitpicker, I’m not. There were gaffes (If Bruce Wayne drove himself to the benefit, why was he getting out of the passenger’s side of the lamborghini?) and things that were looked over (Shouldn’t there be fallout following the explosion?) and questions (Wouldn’t people, the have-nots and felons included, be not so accepting of a rule that would have them obliterated in a few months time?). I’m also not that happy with how Nolan portrays convicts in a fashion convenient to his story: escapees from Arkham Asylum eager to trash Gotham in Batman Begins; redemptive convicts in one of the rigged boats in The Dark Knight; then back to the unrepentant convicts in the The Dark Knight Rises.

I was in grade school when Knightfall came out. I remember a classmate claiming that Batman’s dead. Someone named Bane broke his back. I wouldn’t believe it ‘coz I seriously thought that writers won’t kill off a major superhero. Then they killed off Superman. I didn’t go out of my way to find out what happened next. I was busy with school, there was no internet then and I’m not quite sure if my classmate got the next issues. I still believed they were alive though. Writers wouldn’t keep them dead for long (Except if your name’s Joss Whedon.). Now when is that Justice League movie coming out?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on TDKR

  1. I also am looking forward for the Justice League movie, but i think the Superman movie will come out first, which is also intriguing (personally)

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