Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken

I’m beginning to think that Korean twice fried chicken, with its crisp, flavorful, glazed skin, is today’s lechon manok (chicken roasted on a spit). A few years back, you’d find a lechon manok stall at almost every neighborhood, at least in Metro Manila. Granted, small eats that sell Korean twice fried chicken aren’t really mushrooming all over the metro but QSRs, with several branches across the country, have started offering their version of it. Last year, Chowking came out with Chef’s Bowls which included the Honey Garlic Chicken. Recently, Greenwich added the Crispy Glazed Chicken into their menu.

Though I have yet to sample Chowking’s, I have recently had the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Fried Chicken during an errand run at SM Marilao with my mom.

I’m thinking that it’s basically Greenwich Jumbo Crunchy Chicken, their fried chicken (so it’s not fried twice), coated with this sweet sauce with a smidgen of spiciness. My mom didn’t detect the spiciness, only the sweetness. I’d say it’s more than glazed, unlike the Korean twice fried chicken of Bonchon (see my post on Bonchon here.) and 4Fingers. It’s wet like Manang’s Chicken (see my post on Manang’s Chicken here.) but with a thicker sauce. I’m trying to recall where I have tasted the sauce before.

The breaded skin retained its crispiness until I finished my piece. The meat of the chicken served to me was moist and tender. Still, on it’s own, the meat lacks flavor. The sauce more than compensates for this. It’s a tad overpowering that I don’t think I will be able to eat the chicken, sauce and all, without rice.

A piece plus rice will set you back by P79, two pieces plus rice by P159. Get it with regular softdrinks for P89, P109 if you want it with sides.  Add P10 to any Overload Meals inclusive of chicken to get Crispy Glazed Chicken in place of the usual Jumbo Crunchy Chicken.

I am now looking forward to trying their Buffalo Wings and Chowking’s Honey Garlic Chicken so I could compare.

On a side note, I like that Greenwich has these clear rectangular plastic containers wherein they place your utensils and table napkins instead of just settling those down your tray. I was unable to take a picture but I could imagine those containers on my dresser housing my makeup, pens and other tiny knick knacks.

For more about Greenwich, their menu, promos and branches visit their website or facebook page. Food may also be ordered online through their website for delivery.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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