Shopping for Avent Baby Bottles

It appears that, aside from the cloudy white bottles, there are pink and blue Avent baby bottles and some more that came in boxes with gold stripes.

It was only last week that I have found out about this, while standing in front of a shelf full of Avent products at the mall. Mom and I were getting baby bottles for my youngest brother’s newborn girl. The last baby we’ve had at home was my youngest brother and that was too many years ago that I’m not very much aware of baby products. I have though been able to look after my younger brother’s son [He is so adorable, sweet and smart.] so I know that newborns poop a lot, among a few other things.

After walking off to confer, we went back for the cloudy white bottles thinking it’s best to get a unisex color if the bottles are to be handed down should there be a second kid. Besides, my younger brother’s son has cloudy white bottles so they’re what we are accustomed to.

When we got home, I checked the Philips Avent website, something which I should have done prior to going to the store. The cloudy white bottles are the Classic while the ones housed in boxes with gold stripes are the Advanced Classic. They differ in the material they’re made of. Also at local stores are the pink and blue bottles. There are three bottle sizes: 4 ounce, 9 ounce and 11 ounce. Each bottle has a teat. Different teats depending on how much milk flow they allow are also sold separately.

Edited : 10/29: Both 4 and 9 ounce bottles which were on sale had teats for 1 month old babies. Teats should be changed every 3 months for hygienic purposes, the sales assistant had reiterated.

Now might be a good time to purchase Classic Avent baby bottles if you’re planning on getting a couple. They’re buy 3, get 1 free until the end of September at the baby section of some malls. Individually, the price of a 4 ounce Classic Avent baby bottle is P500 while a 9 ounce Classic costs P550. Forgot how much the 11 ounce Classic baby bottle costs.

I’m not sure if the sterilizers and bottle and teat brush are also on sale. You can get the Avent digital sterilizer for P7000. My younger brother has this and it can sterilize up to six bottles in one go. Haven’t taken a recent look at the bottle and teat brush but last year when my sister-in-law got one, they’re P300 a piece. They were not on sale at that time.

There are other products aside from Avent that are on sale until the end of the month at the baby section of malls.

For more information on Philips Avent Baby Products, visit their website here.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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