A Klik Nail Polish That Glows in the Dark


My glow in the dark nail polish has been languishing in the pitch black depths of my crypt for years already. Okay, a year and a couple of months. I’ve been taking it out once in a while. I do plan on using it to an inch of its life. This past few days to All Hallows’ Eve, my Klik glow in the dark nail polish has been haunting my waking dreams.  So I unearthed it.

A person possessed, I swiped the nail polish on my nails. I would have thought it dead but after resuscitating my nails with electricity (I held them against an electric lamp for a minute.) and then plunging my room into darkness, specters glowing green appeared before me.  A minute or so later, they winked out. I failed to take a picture, gravely spooked that other ghosts will materialize in the photo.

Nails infected by Klik glow in the dark nail polish look normal when they are exposed to lighting of any sort. Like they just have clear nail polish on.  But closer scrutiny shows that the gloss has a bit of yellow-y tinge. One coat is enough and nails already coated with other nail polishes are not safe. They too will become luminous apparitions once they get cloaked.

Happy Halloween everybody, and yes, I’ve been bitten by the spirit of Halloween. The carnage is in my room. Or was it, I consumed Halloween spirits? I mean I was consumed by Halloween spirits…

Klik is a dirt cheap local brand of nail polish that lurks at Landmark and Watsons.


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