Pillow Stuffings

Unlike most folks who took advantage of the long weekend to go on a vacation, I spent the past couple of days at home, getting work done as well as cleaning my room. Que horror! The weather has been most agreeable this past few days, cold early mornings and warm and sunny the rest of the day, perfect for doing the laundry and airing mattresses.

So I decided to wash the pillows I bought four years ago from Surplus Shop, a local store chain which carries clothes that are production surpluses, non-branded accessories and items for one’s home. It was my first time to do so as someone else usually takes care of them for me.

I snipped the stitching of the casings and these are some of the lumps of stuffings in them.

Do they look like stuffed toy parts to you? Because they look like  elephant, bunny and puppy ears to me.

Poor stuffed toys! They most probably were the ones that were passed upon and not adopted. I am a sap and I feel sorry for them. I have read “The Velveteen Rabbit” lots of times. A page from the book was used as background of this pic in the previous post.

I just remind myself that at least now, in their repurposed form, they will get the hugs they deserve. Clean and fluffed, the pillows (and their stuffed toy stuffings) are back to lounging on my bed.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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