Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soaps

Early this year, Asian Secrets had simultaneous huge raffles at several blogs. I first saw my name in the winners list over at Ruthilicious. When the package arrived, I was a bit confused since the huge loot comprised of Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrubs and Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soaps in purple eco-bags was double of what I was expecting.  I even drafted an email thinking that there was a mix-up and another person’s prize got sent to my addresss. Turns out I also won at Project Vanity‘s raffle. Thank you Ruthilicious, Project Vanity, Asian Secrets and Unilab.

I have been using Asian Secrets Body Scrubs for quite some time, though alternately with other body scrubs.  But I only got properly acquainted with the Asian Secret Soaps after winning in the raffles.

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soaps are manufactured in Indonesia and imported into the country by Unilab for Innovitelle, one of its subsidiaries. According to their boxes, the soaps contain Bengkoang (Yam Bean Extract), a widely popular whitening ingredient in Indonesia that can be found in the islands of Sumatra and Java.

The two soap variants have similar ingredients: oleamidopropyl betaine, tallow, stearic acid, fragrance, pachyrrhizus erosus [yam bean root] extract, triclosan, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium EDTA. Except for one ingredient unique to each of them.


The one in the green box has moisturizing olive oil to moisturize skin and protect it from dryness.


The other one in the orange box is with antiseptic betel extract that gives extra protection from germs that can cause body odor.

In terms of effects, I did not notice any difference between the two variants. They do differ in scent though, both of which are fairly unisex.

White and opaque, a bar fits well into one’s palm, the size just right and the shape nicely curbed. The soaps do not melt easily and should last for quite some time. Every fresh bar produces a fine milky lather which gets foamier as you work through the bar. Unlike some whitening soaps, I do not feel any stinging sensation when I use them.

Package directions indicate that the soaps are to be used everyday for maximum effect. The soaps together with the whitening lotion with SPF which I slather after baths plus weekly exfoliation, even if they did not make me Snow White white, enable me to maintain my current skin tone and prevent my skin from getting darker.

There is this. I had this discoloration from blister scars on my foot brought on by skin rubbing against the strap of my new sandals. What I did was I would soap the area twice a day and rinse only after minutes have passed. A week of this and the discoloration lightened. I stopped doing the ritual after two weeks since I’ve become so busy. But now, no more discoloration! Curiously, the area around it did not lighten any more than the rest of my skin. The discoloration just evened out.

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soaps are the soaps to get if you’re the type of person who wants to step out of the shower feeling really clean. My sister and I agree that these soaps make it easy to slough off dirt and grime from one’s skin.

The soaps are dermatologist tested and hypo-allergenic, as stated on the boxes. The boxes also mention that the soaps can be used on one’s face. Have not tried that though. I guess they’re not for kids because there’s this warning to keep out of reach of children.


While most soaps are wrapped in only one form of packaging, Asian Secrets Soaps are housed in plastic and then placed in boxes and you have to admire the effort put to protect the product but less packaging material is still best so there’s less to recycle/dispose off.

Asian Secrets Soaps are available in Mercury Drug and Robinson’s Supermarket at  around P70 for a 100 gram bar. Now would be a good time to purchase some, to try if you haven’t yet or stock up if you’re a regular user, as Asian Secrets has two on-going contests on facebook. Mechanics for its monthly Great Giveaway are to be found here while the mechanics for its Shopping Secrets with Solenn Heussaff Promo are here.

Visit and like the facebook page of Asian Secrets and follow their twitter account for more product updates and promos.

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