Jollibee’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Snack Duo

It’s common practice by QSRs in the Philippines to get movie tie-ins. Usually the movie is a Hollywood film, expected to be a blockbuster. Mostly, the QSRs offer tumblers, buckets, and packaging printed with promotional images or scenes from the movie. Sometimes there are toys. The QSR gets to cash in on the movie hype while the movie gets additional promotion.

I think this is the third Twilight movie that local QSR Jollibee has tied up with. They offered tumblers with images of the Bella, Edward and Jacob when Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out. There are no tumblers this time around. What they do have is the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Snack Duo: regular sized Grape Float and Large Sour Cream Crisscut Fries for P75.

I haven’t read the books nor have I watched any of the Twilight films, sorry. I just wanted some sour cream crisscut fries, which is why I got it. Crisscut Fries is a seasonal snack offering by Jollibee, their answer to McDonald’s Twister Fries. The Grape Float is grape soda overwhelmed by ice then topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream.

If not for the mountain of ice, it’s a nice snack to take to the movies should you succumb to the subliminal persuasion. If you’re a Twihard, I’m sure you’re gonna get a kick watching the movie while downing this. Go all out and wear what the characters would or one of those black Twilight shirts. Just go to cinemas that allow into their theaters food purchased elsewhere other than their snack bar.

To know more about Jollibee, visit their website and facebook pages. By the way, SM Cinemas will be hosting a free movie day on December 8. Know the mechanics and movies to be screened when you click this link.


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