Red Letter Days

Obviously, the December 21, 2012  end of the world prediction is a fail. But here’s a prediction with a 90% chance of happening: I will still be busy in the next two days, cooking that is. Hence this advance greeting.

The cats plotting to take down the “red dot” and its clan. Tuna Cat is on look out duty.

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Right now if asked if there’s one Christmas song that I could most relate to, I’d say it’s Christmas Wrapping. This last month has been rush, rush, rush (except when waiting for traffic to move.) that there was a point that I thought I was going to drop from exhaustion and lack of sleep. But hey, the end results so far are well worth it and people have been quite appreciative.

Won’t be celebrating Christmas eve with some guy but will have a quiet meal, Noche Buena, with the family. No turkey either. There will be ham and crispy pata though. And gifts/aguinaldos/pamasko to hand out on Christmas day. Hopefully, I’d be able to catch some zs afternoon of the 25th. 🙂

We already went out December 20. Had dinner at one of our favorite restos, then dropped by for some drinks to take with us to the Ayala Triangle Gardens where there are musical lights shows every 30 minutes, for 10 minutes, starting at 6PM until 12AM I think. The lights blink and move to the tune of Christmas carols. There were two sets, in Tagalog and English. My sister kidded that it would be the best place for aliens to launch an invasion. Lots of people, exchanging hugs, most were recording the shows and taking pics.  We, ourselves, took a leisurely walk around the gardens then hurried to make it home before midnight ‘coz the world was supposed to end 21st. Even the National Museum of the Philippines has an ark in its grounds.

Also made time for Rurouni Kenshin. Didn’t notice that it ran for 2 hours plus. Yes, the fight scenes/stances, even some scenes, looked much like the ones in the anime.  Though, I do think Saito was not menacing enough and Yahiko (Yoshi in the dubbed anime shown in the Philippines.) was too young. Stayed for the credits hoping they would play one of the anime’s theme songs. They didn’t. Oh, and if the movie stayed true to the anime then that’s Tomoe right there in one of the flashbacks.

Finally managed to paint my nails with a festive color.

Let Me Entertain You

Got a set of OPI Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Lacquers in Red Shimmer last year from the Hyphen Store. Have since worn them on my nails during the Yuletide seasons,  last Valentines and Halloween last year too.

I was only able to catch the movie “Burlesque” when HBO aired it months ago. I would think that the nail polishes captured the club’s  lighting.


Was unable to take extra pic to show The Show Must Go On’s ability to change shade depending on lighting. Sometimes it’s pink tone is more at fore, orange at times, others it’s the red.

The Show Must Go On
Ali’s Big Break

Shame that the pics I got didn’t really capture the shimmers in each of the nail polishes.

Tease-y Does It

Here’s one more prediction that I’m making:  I’m going to get some spa-mpering done before I get swamped again for New Year. Hope you guys get your  wishes and time to do what you really want this Christmas.

The Hyphen Store physical store is at 7F food court of PBCom, Rufino cor Ayala, Makati. Check out their facebook page here. No Opis but I read that there are Tony Moly nail polishes included in Lady E’s blog sale.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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