Watsons Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

watsons hand sanitizers

Every year, there seems to be that one gift that most people are bound to receive or give others. There doesn’t seem to be a stand out this year but I’d say hand sanitizers in silicone / rubber holders were the stars last 2011. I was one of those who got a bulk of these babies to give away last year since I have a lot of names in my list. That and I am usually stumped what to get guy friends in said list.

I’ve seen school kids, moms, corporate slaves, with one dangling from their bags or backpacks, replacing keychains. It was the coolest thing to have among school kids and I’m sure moms approved since it provided protection, while most people liked how handy these were. No more rooting around in one’s bag.

I guess Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs popularized them, other companies followed suit. More common were hand sanitizers which can be taken out from their holders than ones with built-in straps. Fake BBW Pocketbacs and “generic” hand sanitizers as they didn’t have information, like manufacturer data, on their labels proliferated too. It’s  a no brainer that one should get hand sanitizers from reputable stores or made by reputable manufacturers to be sure that what one has really kill germs and augments hand washing.


Like the Naturals by Watsons Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in Pink Lemonade with Vitamin E and Jojoba beads. As with most hand sanitizers in rubber holders, it comes in clear liquid gel form. It has these green beads floating in the gel. One of the complaints hand sanitizers have been getting is that they dry one’s hands so I guess they hope to compensate for this by adding the beads. The beads themselves dissolve but I can’t really say if they moisturize ones hands. I like the citrus-y smell which wafts out of the flip top cap. Though once you pour it unto your hands, the smell of alcohol takes over. The smell evaporates fast as does the hand sanitizer itself.

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I was entitled to pick P1000 worth of products from a list that Watsons have after I have won in their Switch and Save Contest on facebook. Thank you Watsons Philippines. I choose to receive the Naturals by Watsons Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer.  One can get this in Watsons stores at P49 a piece or 2 for P99. There are other hand sanitizers in silicone / rubber holders available at a price suitable to one’s budget with a scent you’d like.

Concerned that too many of these will add to landfills? Then stop at one bottle and holder and get hand sanitizers in large containers to refill the bottle once empty. Or refill with liquid soap if you’re more comfortable with hand washing.


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