Ikea Chocolates

My brother is Santa Claus. (He now even has his belly. 🙂 ) Every time he and his family would fly home to spend the holidays, they would bring with them lots of luggage filled with gifts and goodies. Last Christmas, among the stuff they got us were bars of Ikea chocolates.

There were two kinds in the pile, milk and hazelnut. My brother was unable to get the dark variety.



The milk chocolate is quite sweet. Texture is smooth.



I assumed the hazelnut chocolate would be chocolate filled with hazelnut cream or hazelnut-flavored chocolate. I thought wrong. The bar has chopped hazelnuts (the label said 12%) and they’re not sparsely scattered across the chocolate bar too. See the photo of the back of the chocolate above? You’ll meet a nut with every bite. I prefer this over the milk chocolate as I’m a chunky chocolate kind of girl.

Had I known about these chocolates existence earlier, I would have gotten them as pasalubong as well, instead of the usual keychains. Since they don’t have an official store in the Philippines, there are resellers though, Filipino visitors to SG often include Ikea in their itinerary and stuff bought from the store as pasalubong are often appreciated.  I think the chocolates would make for good conversation. I can imagine those unaware exclaiming like I did, “Aba, may tsokolate pala Ikea.” (Ikea has chocolates.)

This is the website of Ikea in SG while this is their facebook page. When going to Ikea Tampines, we usually take the free shuttle which has a stop at the Tampines MRT station.


2 thoughts on “Ikea Chocolates

    1. Hi Kaye! Admittedly, I had reservations about the taste. I mean, Ikea = furniture = wood and cardboard, words that don’t go well with chocolates. They’re not Cadburys but they’re better than some local chocolate bars.

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