Jollibee Flip Floats and KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

With results raging from yummy and imaginative to oh-no-they-didn’t,  the brains behind the new food offerings of QSRs in the country may really be thinking out of the box or running out of ideas or eating way too much fastfood food (from taste tests).

What if we put the cheese outside the burger? What if  we use hash browns instead of buns? What if we fry some mac n cheese in batter?

And now we have Jollibee Flip Floats. The name could very well be a tongue twister. Someone from Jollibee’s marketing should hold a promotional contest on the radio. Have callers say “Flip Float” as many times as they can in one minute without messing up.


Available in Chocolate and Coffee, at P50 each, drink and ice cream switch places in the Flip Float. With the normal/usual Chocolate and Coffee Floats, the soft serve vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup sits on ice. With the Flip Float, the ice cream is at the bottom of the plastic cup and is covered by the drink. The TVC does not show nor mention any ice and the Flip Floats are said to have “crunchy cookie crumbles with choco syrup on top”.

The Coffee Flip Float I got had the chocolate syrup underneath the ice cream. Understandable as syrup is dense. As you can see in the pic above, there’s ice and a dusting of chocolate cookie crumbs. The one in the TVC at 0:22 definitely has larger cookie bits. Even so, for me, the Coffee Flip Float is better than the usual/normal coffee float because the ice does not get in the way of the drink/dessert. I can easily remove the ice if I want to and no sundae will be wasted in the process. The chocolate syrup did tend to overwhelm the coffee. I’d say it’s a really sweet chocolate-y mocha drink/dessert. Although, I think it could do without the chocolate cookie crumbs whose presence in my Coffee Flip Float was negligible given their size and amount. But then, it wouldn’t be any different than the usual floats when it all gets mixed up or the ice cream eventually floats.


Meanwhile, KFC has a more sedate new product. The KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich, P55 ala carte, P70 with regular softdrink, P85 with regular softdrink and regular fries, is shredded chicken drenched in barbecue sauce,  topped with lettuce and tortilla chips, drizzled with mayonnaise, in a sesame seed studded kaiser bun.

The smoky sauce reminds me of Burger King’s BBQ Burger’s own BBQ sauce.  The sandwich I got has the right amount of shredded chicken, hefty as it is in the pic above. And also 2 soggy tortilla chips which made biting into the sandwich tricky as my teeth couldn’t tear the chip. Had to get a whole chip into my mouth. The lettuce looks nothing like the fresh greens in the poster. Also, the sandwich I got, to go at 2 PM, was in breakfast wrapper and not in a box. Still, since I’m less of a patty person, I’m more inclined to get this than a burger on my next visit to KFC.

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