Goldilocks Strawberry Cream Fudge Cake, Lee Min-Ho and a Card

I had a date last Valentine’s weekend.


With a slice of Strawberry Cream Fudge Cake from local bakeshop Goldilocks. She looked lonely in the fridge so I took her out to watch reruns of Penguins of Madagascar.

This is the cake’s description at the Goldilocks webpage: Savor three layers of chocolate decadence cake filled with strawberry whipped cream, chocolate frosting and vanilla butter cream. All these goodness iced in strawberry butter cream and topped with strawberry glaze.

Didn’t notice any difference between strawberry butter cream and strawberry whipped cream. They seem to be just pink cream frosting with a very slight hint of strawberry flavor.  Was unable to pick out the vanilla butter cream too, it’s taste lost in the mix of chocolate cake and other frosting. Said strawberry glaze was kinda gummy, both in taste and in texture. When I took a fork full of the cake round the edges, the entire glaze threatened to slide off and come with the fork . Don’t get me wrong, the whole cake is yummy, all the components work well together and I especially like the chocolate fudge on top.  Frosting does not overwhelm the cake itself  so it’s not “nakakaumay” as some cakes are. Sweetness is just right. So yeah, I like Goldilock’s Strawberry Cream Fudge Cake.

But Strawberry Cream Fudge Cake thinks I scrutinize and think too much. I promised her we’ll have date number two, maybe after I meet the rest of the other treats Goldilocks has to offer. I’m crushing on the Black Velvet Cake right now.

About crushes, for the fans of Lee Min-Ho, here’s a shot of the Bench billboards in case you haven’t passed by Guadalupe  last month.

lee min ho

If the photo does not do it for you, how about some signed shirts, posters or an actual shirt he wore? Bench has an ongoing promo until March 15 wherein a minimum required purchase entitles customers to a Lee Min-Ho Fun Meet DVD as well as coupons for a chance to win Lee Min-Ho memorabilia. Details here.

Speaking of last month, I joined a giveaway by Papemelroti wherein one has to make Artist Trading Cards and this was one of my entry. I made this four days just before my aunt-in-law passed away. Creepy…


Enjoy the rest of the love month everyone. After all, love can take many forms and this month affords us the excuse to get all mushy and looney and go after things that we want. And with that, I’m off with some works of fiction I’ve been meaning to read…

2 thoughts on “Goldilocks Strawberry Cream Fudge Cake, Lee Min-Ho and a Card

  1. hi dearest salmoncat! i’m so sorry about your aunt…my deepest sympathy…btw, that’s a great shot of lmh right there. galing! nakuha mo lahat…yung saken, as in hindi maganda ang kuha ko…wow! i’d love to grab hold of the dvd…i do hope we can purchase it online though…have a blessed day! 🙂

    1. Thank you Kaye. Today’s the 40th day.

      Pic was a lucky shot. The next day, they were already replaced by billboards of Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres and Ogie Alcasid & Regine Velsquez. Also for Bench.

      Been reading up on the Lee Min Ho X Bench promo and it seemed like some think the DVD does not run long enough. But someone’s also requesting that it be available for online purchase since Bench has an online store.

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