Autograph/Slum/Slam Book

myscene autograph box

Well, I’m a paper product fiend, of course I have several autograph/slum/slam books from when I was a kid. All of which are still with me today. So yes, if you’re friends with me and you’ve inked some super secret classified intel on one of  my autographs, I have black mail material against you. In your handwriting. Bwahahahaha!

When I was in grade school, almost every girl or person obsessed with stationery or colorful paper products had a slambook. My victims (hehe) were my friends, my classmates, my sibling’s friends and schoolmates whom I share the school service with. I only had a few autograph/slum/slam books when I was in high school but those were priceless as some of my high school teachers were game enough to fill some sheets up. I only had one slumbook when I was in college. Address books seem more appropriate then. The better to pull prank calls on you, my dear. 🙂

Some people don’t want to bare their heart out on the sheets since other people who’d be writing after them would be able to read their “confessions”. Which was why I gravitated towards spring bound autograph books. I would unwound the pages then distribute the sheets so the victims could fill them out assured that I’m the only one who’d be able to see what they’ve written. Some friends have resorted to stapling already filled pages of their slambook to keep people from peeking but that would damage the sheets. Sometimes, the owner would fill out her share of the pages to encourage friends not hold back with their answers. Wouldn’t you be a bit miffed yourself when all you see written on the spaces provided are “secret” or “many” or “too many to mention” or “none”?  Worse would be copied answers. Parang homework ba? Treated like homework.

While kids nowadays would post and tag the names of their friends to different individuals on a photo (say a group shot of characters on Code Geass) on their facebook page, we had autograph books that have a page, usually at the back, with drawings of different characters (from smileys to Care Bears). We had to sign our names on the character which best represents us. But what often happens is that everyone wants to be Tenderheart Bear and nobody wants to be Grumpy Bear. Poor you if you ended up signing last as you’d have to make do with the character no one wants.

Recently seeing a kid giddily filling up an autograph/slum book erased my doubts of getting one for my godchild. It’s great that even with facebook and that sort of chain mail style of Q&A on blogs (wherein once tagged in another blog, you get the honor of answering a set of questions on your blog, then tag another blog), kids are still interested in old school autograph/slum/slam books.

This is the super pink Myscene Autograph/Slum/Slam Book that I got my godchild:

myscene autograph cover

Hard cover protects the pages from further creases.

myscene autograpg back of the cover

Even the back of the hard cover has prints.

myscene autograph opening message

A welcome message instead of a page dishing out information on the owner.

myscene autograph personal info page

myscene autograph intimate details page

The more the questions, the better.

myscene autograph dedication page

Have to tell her to ask her friends for photos as there should have been an indication on the dedication page requesting for those. You know, for voodoo purposes.

This particular autograph/slum/slam book comes in a box for easy storage and to keep dust bunnies away.

Sparsely illustrated, methinks. But Barbie, Myscene, Disney Princesses are safe bets for girls.  There used to be this autograph/slum/slam book wherein every question has an illustration. Liked that one but could not find a copy.

I also considered getting the hilarious “Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook, Pero Meron, Meron, Meron!” but thought it suited high school and college students more. It ain’t illustrated but it sure throws me back to when I was a kid. Hmm, so maybe some students would not be able to relate to some of its questions?

Better tell the godchild too of the other use of the autograph/slum/slam book aside from getting her to know more about her friends, form a deeper connection (You like cats?! I do too!) and remember her friends by. It’s great for fishing for juicy info on your crush and knowing who’s your competition. Knowledge, after all, is power.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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