Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

I’m beginning to think that Jollibee has managed to pirate the brilliant mind (minds?) behind KFC’s Cheesy Top Burger and Mac and Cheese Bites. Consider the evidence. This 2013, KFC came up with two sedate new offerings, the Shredder Sandwich and the Chicken Chop. Jollibee rolled out Flip Floats.

And then there’s the Ultimate Burger Steak. So called because of the 1/3 pound beef patty involved. It’s the patty they use for Champ Burgers. At P109, you get steamed rice topped with fried egg and the patty with a few button mushroom slices and a sprinkling of garlic bits, smoothered in gravy, and the kicker, resting on a bed of fries. Add P10 to wash it down with a glass of softdrink.

Jollibee already has a rice (fried rice though), burger patty with gravy, fried egg combo; the Breakfast Steak from their breakfast menu, Breakfast Joys, line up. Breakfast Joys are available daily until 11AM only, and most of the items in it are the -silog kind. Meaning you have a viand, the sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg). The Ultimate Burger Steak, much like the usual Jollibee Burger Steak, can be had during regular store hours.

After the plate was set in front me, I stared at it far longer than necessary, contemplating what to do with the fries. Drenched in gravy, I can’t very well pick those out from beneath the burger patty with my fingers. So it’s a spoonful of patty, fries, egg and rice. The whole thing tastes fine. Not as weird as I thought it would be.  Though, I would have liked for an egg with a semi-runny yolk so it would coat the rice when I sink my utensils into it. This meal’s for peeps who find the serving of the Burger Steak too small and for those curious as to what burger patty, fried egg and fries mixed together tastes like.

Thinking about it, Jollibee did came out with Pancake Sandwiches and Hash Brown Burgers  (Pancakes and hash browns in lieu of buns respectively.) so burger patty on fries might not be a far out idea for the peeps in their kitchen. The person who thought of the Cheesy Top Burger is still at KFC.

Here’s Kitten of Adventures of Lady Explorer’s thoughts on this latest product.


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