Bonchon Crispy Squid and Crispy Shrimp Riceboxes

The opening day of Bonchon at a mall near our place managed to slip by my radar. Still, my sister and I got to check out the place within the first week of opening.

Dining area is relatively small. Though this branch did not suffer the birth pains of the Megamall and Ayala Triangle branches, people at the table next to us, who were ahead of us when we lined at the counter, complained that their orders were taking too long to be served. The server explained that the food is cooked only at the moment the order was placed. Which may be why ours, which consisted of seafood, got to our tables earlier than their chicken and beef got to theirs.

bonchon crispy squid ricebox

Bonchon may be known for its twice fried chicken, but the Crispy Squid Ricebox (battered then fried squid rings on a bed of rice) and Crispy Shrimp Ricebox (4 pcs battered then fried shrimp on a bed of rice) do not disappoint. Both are at P145 and each are served with a glass of softdrinks. The viands were enough for the amount of rice they come with.  One can opt for spicy or soy garlic. It was soy garlic for us. The soy garlic serves to enhance the taste of the shrimp and squid. They taste somewhat like those seafood snacks. Oishi Prawn Crackers for the Crispy Shrimp Ricebox, I think. Not at all dry and definitely yum.

bonchon crispy shrimp ricebox

The Crispy Shrimp Ricebox came out in time for Lent, along with the Seafood Platter (squid, fish and shrimp – no rice). Both are still around and I’m very much glad for that since we’re seafood fans. Yup, we shared the riceboxes because we want both shrimp and squid.

Check out what other treats are available at Bonchon. Here’s a flyer with their menu list. The Crispy Shrimp Ricebox and Seafood Platter are not in the list.

bonchon price list

Visit BonChon Chicken Philippines’ facebook page for updates and to know where to get your BonChon fix.


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