Gorging on Selecta Ice Cream

If there’s anything likable about the steamy weather we are having aside from flood free streets, it’s being able to justify stuffing myself silly with ice cream.

Somehow melted ice cream that’s refrozen doesn’t have the same texture as ice cream that has remained frozen until it meets your mouth. Since we don’t want a melted goop, we get tubs from a store near our house. It’s just sad that said store only carries Selecta Ice Cream.  Limited flavor choices too. Rocky Road, Double Dutch and those 3-in-1, 4-in-1 plain flavors usually like chocolate and strawberry. Not much fancy ones. Would have wanted more choices and other brands like Magnolia and Nestle but  I guess they stock what people look for rather than risk getting seasonal, limited edition flavors that wouldn’t sell as much.

For international readers, Selecta (I think it’s internationally known as Wall’s of Unilever.) has tubs containing 2, 3, 4 flavors ice cream. They’re usually cheaper than getting smaller tubs of different flavors. Works when one wants variety or those sharing prefer different flavors.



My dad is a fan of Double Dutch so we usually get a tub of that and Rocky Road. As a kid easily swayed by peers, I thought Rocky Road was the bomb and chocolate tops vanilla. Changed my thoughts years later (though I’m still not fond of plain milk). As well as how I eat ’em. Cones gave way to mugs then ice cream cups and bowls. It’s easier to get most of the ice cream off a bowl. Better yet a plate. Still fond of sugar cones though. Plain cones, not much.


Another 2-in-1 combo we usually get is the Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream.



There was this one time when my dad mistakenly picked up a tub of Chocolate Double Dutch and Chocolate Chip over a tub of Double Dutch and Rocky Road. Chocolate Double Dutch is almost like Rocky Road: chocolate ice cream, mallows, choco chips, except there’s cashews instead of peanuts. Chocolate Chip’s no fun. The tiny rectangular bits of chocolate hardly do anything for the vanilla ice cream.



Yup, my being a fan of the color green carries over to my ice cream flavor preference. I love mint anything, but Pistachio and Cashew Ice Cream, nom nom nom. Subtle. Would not mind if they have more pistachio and cashew bits for, as you can see, there’s not much of  ’em.

Selecta’s TV ads boast that their Overload ice cream are overloaded with mix-ins. True last year, I think there’s less chunky goodness now, at least for the ones we’ve had this summer . I like my ice cream chunky but plain ones will do in a pinch.  I’m still hoping for other brands and new flavors to hit the neighborhood store. And to think there’s a Nestle warehouse right outside the subdivision. I wish they would open a factory outlet store. Otherwise, I’m this close to bringing a spoon to the mall, getting a pint of Magnolia’s Italian Coffee Affogato Ice Cream  and downing it at the foodcourt.

For now, please excuse how unfocused this post is. A tub with double dutch ice cream in the fridge is distracting me with its siren call. I’m getting myself another helping in 3, 2…

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