Chic Neon Nail Polish for Summer (or Brighter than the Sun Before the Impending Gloom)

Neon accessories have run rampant in stores since last year and have been proclaimed by several mag rags as an ‘it’ trend this year. Hot in more ways than one, for me, it only made sense to accessorize my nails in loud neon colors for summer.

So I broke out my bottles of neon nail polishes from Chic, a local nail polish brand, sister of Bobbie (not to be confused with Bobbi Brown). Though they’ve been under prolonged confinement in my dresser, seeing as Chic now has a new label design, they haven’t turned lumpy yet. Application went smoothly.


Chic Nail Polish in Neon Orange is more of a yellow orange shade, with more yellow than orange. No, I’m not endorsing nor am I for a certain political party by choosing to wear this color this summer which is also campaign season.


Chic Nail Polish in Neon Pink turns a bit orange-y on the edges when left for days. Chic has a Neon Fuchsia shade and I find it a bit weird that the Neon Pink is darker, much more of a screamer than Neon Fuchsia since fuchsia in my book is a deeper, darker pink. but I guess the orange tone does that and fuchsia as a color, has a more purplish tone.


Chic has a slew of other neon nail polish shades in its record, available at Watsons and beauty sections of department stores, but not on its website. Check out Chic and Bobbie’s facebook page here.

I’ve been switching between both colors these past couple of weekends but after voting in the elections, I’m having my nails done in a dark color. While I have regarded the dark stain of the indelible ink as somewhat a badge of honor in the past, proudly proclaiming that I have fulfilled my civic duty of choosing people whom I believe are capable of morally and intellectually running government posts, I feel a lot more cynical now.

I have scoured the net and local papers for information on people and groups hoping to get elected and tracked down facebook accounts of people running for local positions. For the latter, I found out: 1) Some do not have fb accounts. 2) Others have disabled the personal message button, as well as the comments tab on their fb pages so there’s no way to get in touch with them. The public only receives messages they are willing to give. Most of which are of them doing stuff which we who are not related to them nor are not in their circle, the majority of the people, hardly feel at all. A one way street with them commandering said street. 3) Almost all of them have disabled the comment tabs on their fb pages that the only way to get in touch with them would be to PM them. So PM I did, asking them what their accomplishments and platforms are. Only one of the whole bunch replied. I mean if you’re applying for a job, you have to have a resume right? So yeah, I’m very much disappointed and disturbed that most of our next set of public servants do not want us getting in touch with them. If they can’t be bothered answering questions pertaining to their candidacy, will they be deaf and mute when it comes to issues that needed addressing?

And there are a lot of issues that needs to be addressed, among of which are: floods, uncemented streets (our family had to give 5 sacks of cement just to have a street connected to ours raised and cemented), garbage (particularly garbage filled waterways) and every summer, lack of water. This year since April, we had to wake up at 3AM or make sure someone’s home in the afternoon so we could turn on our water motor pump so we’d have water. A water motor pump has become a necessity since water  pressure has been lacking. Been happening every summer. A friend who has no pump has been going to a relative in the city so she could launder her  clothes. She recalls that it was only on April 23 that water dripped out of their faucet. They have been getting their water from a water supplier which is hesitant to go their place as they’re the only household who’s purchasing.

Just think: sweltering temperature of 36 degrees Celcius, no water coming out of the faucet, flood problems when it rains and then learning that areas on higher ground levels have 24/7 water supply? It’s just so wrong.

So yeah, I’m thinking something dark. Just like the looming years ahead.


2 thoughts on “Chic Neon Nail Polish for Summer (or Brighter than the Sun Before the Impending Gloom)

    1. Thanks for dropping KW.

      Your blog on subscription boxes is refreshing. I think there are only 3 subscription boxes here in our country, all of which just started out last year.

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