Bonchon Fish and Chips and Chapchae

I could not get enough of Bonchon especially since a branch is now walking distance from our place and the FX terminal is located near it. With just me in the house and not keen at the prospect of standing in front of the stove given the scorching weather we’re having, I swung by the place one humid afternoon and got Fish and Chips (P125) and Chapchae (P75) to go. Quite pleased that they were still hot when I opened the takeout boxes. The fries were not wilted.


Bonchon Fish and Chips is made up of three battered then fried fish fillets and fries. I think they used dory (insert Finding Nemo jokes here.). A small tub of ketchup was in the box, for the fries. Those who are used to having their fish and chips with mayo may get a small tub for P10. Since I was dining at home and there’s a bottle in the fridge, I opted not to.  The fish lacks flavor on its own but the sauce coated batter, whether its spicy or soy garlic – I got soy garlic, makes up for it.

The batter’s just right, a bit light with a slightly crispy exterior. I believe Bonchon uses the same batter for its squid, shrimp and fish. While it looks like there’s a lot of it, there really isn’t, not like some battered fish I’ve come across over the years wherein the fish is overwhelmed by the batter.


Bonchon’s Chapchae taste somewhat like a sweeter version of Myojo Mee Goreng Instant Noodles. Except Bonchon’s Chapchae uses glass noodles while the noodles of Myojo Mee Goreng are your typical instant noodles. Bonchon’s Chapchae has slivers of fried pork, carrots and greens which I know not what (Spinach?).  These toppings are negligible though. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top while a string of scrambled egg is there more to add color than to add to the flavor.

Trivia: Fish and Chip and Chapchae are not part of the original Bonchon US menu. After Team Bonchon Philippines introduced and added them to the local menu, Bonchon New York incorporated them, along with Fish Tacos to theirs.  See PDI article here.

Visit BonChon Chicken Philippines’ facebook page for updates and to know where to get your BonChon fix.


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