Thoughts on Man of Steel


If you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, here are a couple of things of things you should know:

  • If you tend to sit through the credits just for post-credits scenes or features, there’s no need to. There are none. Not unless they do an Avengers (Shawarma anyone?) and US screenings have.
  • There are a couple of Easter eggs throughout the film. If you wanna know what those are (and risk reading a couple of spoilers as well), click here.
  • There’s a lot of shaky cam going on. Me and my sister got a bit nauseated since we were seated a few rows from the screen. We were at the mall quite early but got into the theater late because of someone’s blunder at a QSR.

Thanks to Elegantly Wasted for raffling off tickets to a block screening by sponsors Nuffnang Philippines and Nestle Crunch, my sister and I were able to watch Man of Steel Wednesday, the day it opened in theaters, at Trinoma Mall. Heard that the only seats available at that mall on that date were for the 10PM screenings.


I thought a lot of folks would dress in blue especially since the first day of screening happened on the country’s Independence Day. I mean, hey, two birds in one stone. Well, I actually steered away from wearing our flag’s colors (though we did hang a flag from our terrace just like what Singaporeans do on their day in August). Heh. Most people did too. But there were some people who came in shirts with Superman logos and prints. One girl even came in a Supergirl outfit, the colors of the shirt and skirt reversed. Hats off to her.

As with all the block/advanced screenings I’ve ever been to, this one had a trivia contest and raffle prior to drum up excitement. Lucky patrons won bags of what I could only assume as Nestle Crunch (how apt that the sponsor is chocolate dressed Superman’s suit’s colors) goodies. I think what I had was more of a guarded than giddy anticipation. I mean, a lot could go wrong with this movie. And since the ones at the helm are people with strong credentials when it comes to translating comic books to film (Snyder, Goyer, Nolan), expectations are quite high. After stepping out of the theater, consider me somewhat pleased and appeased.

(If you haven’t seen the movie yet and do not want to be spoiled stop reading now.)


Okay, first, there are a few things I could not accept:

  • the amount of destruction that occurred in the second act. (I think the film can be broken into two acts, with the second act beginning right after Lois Lane retracted her story and when General Zod and group arrived on Earth. I would say that the first one is more solid than that of the second.)
  • Daily Planet people running straight towards the alien ship. Hard to break habits?
  • why Clark Kent did not save Jonathan Kent. He could have easily gone to him then they could have pretended that they have miraculously escaped the tornado. All his life he wanted to break away and here is a situation which warrants that IMHO and he reined himself in?! I’m pretty sure I would have gone and saved my folks and think about the consequences later.

I also thought that they could have been more subtle and done away with the glass mosaic of Christ at the Garden of Gethsemane behind Superman when he was at that church. Yes, we get the parallelism. No need to be overt. And was that a nod to horror films when the lights went off and the television came on?

As for goofs, I am not sure about this, but when they had one of the soldiers say the name of the planet Superman’s
from something made me go “Wait, I don’t remember Superman or General Zod or mentioning the name of their planet.”

I liked how they made this Superman believable (well, as plausible as sci-fi could get ). How they reimagined Kryptonite. How they somehow showed why Superman’s suit is indestructible. I am glad that they put an end to the Lois Lane joke. Lois and Clark’s Lois Lane she is not. They made this Superman much more relatable for this generation. In portraying him as the person who could not quite fit in,  I could not help but think of The X-Men. Had the same thoughts later in film when Superman was made to choose between Krypton and Earth. Still, I have to say though that I have a lot more empathy for Smallville’s Clark Kent. Yes, the show ran 10 seasons enough to flesh out the character but it was those first couple of episodes that got me hooked.

With mostly positive reviews and ratings, it looks like there’s going to be sequel, so there should be room for character development.  Personally, I hope the Justice League movie gets made and soon. Curious as to how that would turn out.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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