Should Be a Food Post Now Just a Service Rant


Sometimes I wonder if I should start acting bossy and be more abrasive, I mean aggressive .

A couple of years back me and my girlfriends were dining at this pizza place. Well, nursing our drinks and some garlic sticks that is. We’ve finished our pasta and were waiting for the pizza which was taking forever to reach our table. We’ve already ran out of stories to tell.  Fed up, my friend decided she’d had enough of the waitstaff telling us that they’ll follow up on our pizza from the kitchen. She asked to speak with the manager. Placed on the hot plate, well, hot seat, the manager admitted that they gave our pizza to someone who ordered the same pizza to go.


Then a week ago the same thing happened at this taco shop.

Some QSRs (they’re sister companies) have implemented this ordering system wherein you place and pay for your orders at the cashier then go to the releasing area, wait for your number or name to be called and then the expediter will hand over your food. The good thing about this system is that the cashiers are freed up to just ring orders and queue  time is lessened since expediting is now centralized.

But what if this happens to you?

My name was called so I moved forward to the releasing area’s counter when this girl, with order #33 who’s name on her receipt was clearly not the same as mine, plunked herself in front of me then proceeded to demand her order. The expediter gave in and served my order to bossy girl. Since our orders were not exactly the same, the expediter began taking items from trays on the counter and those behind her, yet to be placed on the counter. Obviously she should not have done this because now there are several trays missing an/some item/s. And because bossy girl’s order was supposed to be served 10 plus trays later, there was an item that was still being prepared in the kitchen. So yeah, there was a huge hold up and there’s now a crowd at the releasing counter. Someone came over saying his order was lacking some items. Not sure if he’s the same person who reminded the expediter that they’ve taken his receipt. When I complained that I’m this number and that they’ve served someone whose receipt was numbered way after mine, bossy girl had the nerve to tell the expediter “miss kanina pa ako nandito.” (Miss, I’ve been here for some time now.). Well, duh. And now all of us will have to be here for some time too no thanks to you.

I finally got my order much later only to be told that the softdrink dispenser will take another 5 minutes to become
fully operational. (Shook head in disbelief) And when it did, the Pepsi was not even carbonated.

Which was why we got in late at the movie screening and had to sit quite near to the screen.

Yep, way to ruin a good day.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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