Kulpy Chicken’s Cool Pop

kulpy chicken cool pop

So having heard about Kulpy Chicken from and seeing Earthlingorgeous try out their Cool Pop in an episode of Pop Talk, a review program on GMANewsTV, I decided to get one too, one time I found myself waiting for a friend at the pit that is a mall’s food court.

Kulpy Chicken is one of those QSRs which offers fried and glazed chicken and a couple of Korean food items such as Pat Bing Su and Kimchi.

Cool Pop may have gotten its name from Col Pop, a container with two compartments which when fitted together looks like one large cup. The bottom compartment contains the drink while the top has food.  From afar, it looks like a cup filled with food with a straw stuck into it. If people won’t look closely, they’d think you’re crazy for trying to sip food off a cup. This type of container is not entirely new here in the country, Greenwich having introduced a similar one, Snack N Sip with fries in place of the chicken, a few years ago.

It’s quite handy for people who shop alone, who’s hungry and is unable to carry a tray of food what with all the shopping bags she has with her. It’s a space saver in the office, you don’t have to clear off stuff on your desk should you opt to eat while working on the computer.

The lower compartment of the Cool Pop is filled with your choice of softdrinks while the top compartment is loaded with pieces of what the store calls Honey Crispy Chicken and fried sweet potato pieces. Honey Crispy Chicken are chicken pops, whole and not ground chicken meat, breaded, fried and glazed with your choice of sauce. I think the menuboard translight said the glaze choices are Kulpy, soy and spicy but I was asked if I want spicy, sweet and spicy or teriyaki. I opted for sweet and spicy.

I’m not sure if it’s twice fried chicken. My mind was wandering off even as my order was prepared in front of me. I could only recall the chicken pops being glazed in sweet chili sauce in one of the two sheets (don’t know if they’re heated, the sheets, but the pops were served hot.) beyond the counter. After the container was filled, I was asked whether or not I’d like chopped peanuts on my honey crispy chicken. Yes, please!

For picking up Honey Crispy Chicken and sweet potato pieces, a toothpick was lodged into one of the chicken pops just before it was served. It’s a testament to how tender the chicken meat is.

I usually opt for tolerably spicy foods as I don’t relish numbing my taste buds. To give a general idea of my heat tolerance, I like Toastbox’s Laksa and I can finish a bowl of Lucky Me Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili. Mr. Kimbob tteogbokgi scares me, as do foods in a menu with a chili warning or a picture of chilies. For me, the heat of Kulpy’s sweet and spicy Honey Crispy Chicken is bearable but is spicier than SM Bonus Sweet Chili Sauce. I pointed this out because unlike Bonchon Chicken, their Honey Crispy Chicken was a bit wet like Manang Chicken, Chowking’s Honey Garlic Chicken and Greenwich’s Crispy Glazed fried Chicken. The sauce is syrupy though.

I’d think that at P70, Cool Pop is quite affordable. The drink is just enough that I was able to finish the chicken without having to shell out extra for more drinks. The amount of chicken pop is more than what I usually get from those of similar price range. I think this may be because the pieces require bigger bites.

I hope to be back to try out the other chicken options in their menu, as well as,on a rainy day, their ramen.

For more about Kulpy Chicken, visit their facebook page here. To watch the Pop Talk episode featuring Korean neighborhoods in the metro, check out this vid on youtube.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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