Quick Notes on Sofskin Nail Polish Remover

saizen nailpolishremover1

  • Available at Saizen (that’s Daiso in other countries) stores.
  • Don’t know if it’s available at Daiso stores in other countries.
  • Variants found at Saizen stores include lemon, strawberry and regular. Opted for lemon.
  • Lemon scent is faint. Does not last long on nails and fingers that held cotton balls.
  • Not too overwhelming smell of acetone.
  • Requires vigorous rubbing and changing of cotton balls to remove nail polish. A bit below Bobbie Nail Polish Remover’s performance.  Compare with other nail polish removers.
  • Ingredients: acetone, water, tocopheryl acetate, metoxi isopropanol, fragrancia (parfum), benzyl benzoate, acid ted 33 (cl 17200).
  • Label says: enriched with Vitamin E to add strength while it moisturizes dry cuticles.
  • Label also says that it’s made in India and is distributed by Vini Health and Beauty Inc, NY. Website on label does not exist.
  • Transferred content into another container because of the bottle’s opening: wide with no cardboard or foil seal that needs to be punctured. Otherwise, it would be difficult to control flow of fluid. Evaporation also a concern.
  • Is P88 for 230ml or 8 oz. See Currency converter.
  • 8 oz supposedly has a bonus of 33% which means original content is 6 oz. I have yet to see a 6 oz bottle online.



Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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