Watsons Cream Shampoo Lavender Scented


A picture appeared in my Facebook  feed the other day. It had two pie charts. One pie chart titled “how women choose their shampoo” was sliced into several sectors and had labels like color, smell, brand, effect on hair, price, etc. The other, titled “how men choose their shampoo,” did not have any sectors. The label simply said “has the word ‘shampoo’ on the bottle”.

In our family, while we women are more critical of the shampoo we use, the men have become quite choosy over time. This may be partly due to the fact that there are now a lot of  options available to them. When we were kids, there used to be only two kinds of  shampoo in the house, picked by mom and my aunt. My dad was okay using whatever is on hand.  Speaking of shampoos available in the supermarket then, Gard was the only one whose scent was definitely masculine. At least in those days men had an excuse if their hair smelled like a floral bouquet and clashed with their cologne and manly image.

And so it is the women in our household who use the Watsons Lavender Scented Cream Shampoo I’ve won from Watsons’ Switch and Save Facebook contest last year. We alternate this with other shampoos which is why the two 1000ml bottles have lasted for months. My mom loves  the smell which dissipates after an hour, or until you put something with a more overpowering scent on your hair. Admittedly, I wasn’t too fond of the smell at first but it grew on me.

Watsons Lavender Scented Cream Shampoo gently cleanses and smoothes (sic) your hair while the tranquil aroma of lavender calms and soothes your senses, leaving your hair silky soft with a delicate herbal scent.

I get squeaky clean hair and no dandruff from this shampoo.  I do feel though that on its own it is unable to  moisturize my hair enough as I still get dry ends and a bit of a frizz. I also need a full pump, twice the amount of mainstream brands like Pantene and Sunsilk, to lather up my thick shoulder length mane.  In terms of viscosity, it is more runny than these shampoos. I still dilute it with water and foam it on my hands first though.

Ingredients:  aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, acrylates copolymer, sodium chloride, glycol distearte, polyquaternium-7, citric acid, triethanolimine, DMDM hydantoin, parfum, bht, benzophenone-3, cl 17200, cl 42090.

Made in Thailand.

Watsons Lavender Scented Cream Shampoos are available at Watsons stores for P259 BOGO.  As listed in the government’s FDA website, other scents include: Rose, Peach, Orange, Evening Primrose, Eucalyptus, Jasmine,  and Lime. Visit Watsons Philippines facebook page for inquiries on Watsons products available in the country.

4 thoughts on “Watsons Cream Shampoo Lavender Scented

    1. hi kitten. reread your post about it to refresh my memory. i have kasi the intense repair one and was not sure if the smell is any different. but dove lasts long definitely.

    1. Hi Pooja! It should be available at Watsons stores which, unfortunately, are found only in the following countries according to wiki: Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Macau, South Korea, Turkey and Estonia.

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