Heroes and Villains

For us, the MRT/LRT is still the cheaper, faster, more secure way to commute in the metro and a lot of people think so too judging by how cramped coaches get. It’s rather amazing that here, people would  stand and offer their seats to people who need them more. Based on my experience, it is the person not impeccably dressed, students and nurses who would usually give up their seats. My parents and aunt had often been the beneficiaries of such kind acts for which we are very much thankful.

A few Saturdays ago, we found ourselves in an MRT coach for females, people with kids, senior citizen and persons with disabilities, heading northbound. That time, there was this girl who not only gave up her seat but also assisted a PWD in and off the train until some MRT personnel took over from her at the ticket gate.

And then two weeks ago, we practically sprinted for the last northbound train, again at Guadalupe. We got into a coach which was for both males and females.  This gentleman in tank top gave up his seat for my dad. His stop was Cubao Station.

Also two weeks ago, the folks and I were able to get a cab to take us to the airport during evening rush hour which issues a receipt. The driver, I think he’s in his 50s, was really friendly, adjusted the taxi’s aircon to cooler levels and would lower the volume of his taxi’s radio whenever my younger brother would get on the phone.

roseswhite31aLast May, for a couple days, my sister had to go to Dangwa Flower Market to purchase blooms for Flores De Mayo. On one such occasion, on the way home with several dozens of roses in her arms, she tripped while going up the stairs at the LRT Blumentritt Station. She managed to catch her herself before she ends up with her face on the tiles.  The lady guard assigned at the baggage check at the landing above her expressed alarm and rushed down to help her. (It was not rush hours so there were not many people.) She made sure my sister was okay.

So yeah, I’m posting the above incidents because it’s National Heroes Day here in the Philippines.  And for me, these people are heroes in their own right. People who go out of their way and whose instincts are to help others. People who do their job and do it well. These people make me want to be a better person.

For me, there are two traits essential to a hero, empathy and selflessness.

Sorely lacked by some people who pretend to be saviors but are only there for the pork, um, perks. Well, and power and fame. Some seem pretty addicted to the title honorable too. Can’t earn it so might as well run for public office to get it attached to their names. Lately, I’ve been noticing that people who are the least deserving of their titles are the ones who tend to brandish them more in people’s faces. Ugh. I wonder, do they enjoy helping people or do they like the feeling of people treating them like they’re gods, worshiping them as if they’re ones who could save them (Thinking that the closer they are to these gods, the closer they are to blessings.)? Seems like a skewed version of getting a high from helping others.


While I may not have gone to the Million People March in Luneta, I support their call for the abolition of the pork barrel, or at the very least, transparency and accountability of the public sector.

Which is why for today, I decided to get Margherita and Napoletana pizzas from Amici. For those who have not tried Amici’s pizzas, their edges are thick, their crusts thin and crisp, a nice contrast to the chewy, gooey toppings. I picked said pizzas because I love anchovies.


And because I’m saying no to pork. In my diet. At least for today.

For Amici’s menu, please visit their website. Know their latest offerings and promos through their facebook page.


One thought on “Heroes and Villains

  1. When someone writes an paragraph he/she maintains the thought of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it.
    Therefore that’s why this piece of writing is outstdanding.


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