Halloween Props: Straw Dolls ala Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl

The title of this post is a bit misleading actually. I made the dolls from old newspapers, not straw. They were supposed to be part of a planned costume, that of Ai Enma of Jigoku Shoujo, for Halloween last year. They ended up as hallway decors instead. And of course, they got pilfered. Not a single doll was returned after Halloween. I guess people liked them. I do hope no one pulled the strings. Hehe.

In case you want your own dolls for Halloween this year or for whatever other nefarious plan you have in mind, you can try going online at midnight, type the address for the Hell Girl website and strike a contract with Ai Enma. Or you could make your own dolls just as I did.


  • old newspapers (not the colored ones)
  • black string (I used crochet strings)
  • red yarn (I used knitting yarn)
  1. I got several old news papers and tore them into rectangles, the length would determine how big the doll is while the width will determine how fat it will be. For my dolls, I divided a newspaper page into twelve. I first tore it into three equal parts crosswise then into 4 equal parts lengthwise. newspaper
  2. I then folded the rectangles lengthwise into strips then twisted them so as to give them bulk and strengthen them.Image000
  3. Each of my dolls are made up of nine twisted strips. So I made twisted strips in multiples of nine. 
  4. For the arms, I got three twisted strips then tied the ends with the black string. Well, close to the ends so they would resemble hands.
  5. For the legs, I took three twisted strips, tied close to the end for the foot then tied again a few ways up for the knee.  I repeated this with another three twisted strips for the other leg.
  6. For the body and head, I brought the legs together, then tied them at the middle. This would be the waist. Then a few ways up for the neck. Lastly, I tied the top end which would be the hair.
  7. I then inserted the arms through the strips in between through the torso of the doll.
  8. The doll should eventually look like the one in the pic below. Yes, it’s missing one black string to section off the neck from the body. I opted not to add that one. I also opted not to have colored dolls but you can dip them in red, black and blue dyes to represent the three straws: Hone Onna, Wanyudo and Ren Ichimoku.Image029
  9. Loop a red string into a ribbon around the neck of the doll.Image037

Tada! Now you can make an army of dolls and cosplay as Ai Enma or use them as Halloween decor. Use them as accents to trick or treat loot bags. Or give them away as Halloween gifts.

In another somewhat related note, I joined a couple of contests on Facebook and was picked as one of the winners in a few. I will be posting pics of the prizes as soon as I get them. Unisilvertime had this anime trivia contest where they posted pics of anime characters and their fans had to identify who the characters are. Guess who’s the character I identified and for which my name got picked. Hihihi. Winning because of one of the characters I like has me going giddy whenever I remember it. Meanwhile, Nestle Crunch has a photo contest wherein you have to creatively fashion/interpret the chocolate into what the current theme asks for.  The two currently have contests related to Halloween on their facebook pages. Yup, Nestle Crunch’s theme is Spooky Treats (sunflower seeds?)  while Unisilvertime asks fans for ghosts stories and pics of kiddies in Halloween costumes, among other contests. So yeah, go  pull out your imaginative  tricks and partake in these treats they’re having peeps. Visit Unisilvertime’s facebook page here and Nestle Crunch’s facebook page here.


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