Barangay Elections 2013 and Blue Velvet for Halloween

Barangay level elections were held a week ago and the whole voting process was quick and painless. No lines. When it’s automated, it’s the voters who have to endure long queues. When it’s not automated, it’s the Board of Election officers who suffer through manual canvassing (tallying votes and signing the forms), keeping them up until the wee hours of the morning. At 3AM, Tuesday, we were jolted awake by loud cannons, I mean fireworks . The next barangay public servants have been proclaimed. I hope this set will do something about our worsening water supply and flood problem.

I have to say that while I’m cool with the priority lane for senior citizens and PWDs, I’m curious as to how COMELEC would go about having separate precincts for senior citizens and PWDs because, you know, if you lump them all together then there would be no one they’d have to go ahead of but each other.

Blue Velvet and some Caronia nail polishes

Anyhoo, after the voting, I painted my nails in Caronia Blue Velvet, a blue so dark it’s almost black. In the bottle you can see shimmers. On nails, the shimmers are only visible when hit by light and if you look up close. It reminds me of Chanel Blue Satin and Dior Black Ink. I saw this Caronia Nail Polish in a post at Mrs Martinez’s Raves and Rants, got a bottle sometime last year and wore it close to Halloween. Well this time I’ve worn it until Halloween weekend. It camouflages the indelible ink mark quite nicely and is a great alternative to black. Thank you Halloween for affording me the license to wear dark nails to work.


Speaking of Caronia, they mailed me the set above last week, the prize for being one of the top 20 scorers in their Match and Play Game over at their Facebook page. Thank you Caronia! The set included 8ml Caronia nail polishes (Sunset, Diva, Silver Platinum and Posh), Caronia Nail Polish Remover, Caronia Cuticle Remover, Caronia Cuticle Sanitizer, mirror, foot scrub tool, umbrella, shirt and an eco-bag.  Top 10 scorers overall will also get tickets to Caronia’s Music Festival on November 8 at the Sky Dome at SM North EDSA. Set to perform are the finalists to Caronia’s Jingle Contest. Local bands Gracenote, Callalily and Banda ni Kleggy will be gracing the event. Unable to score tickets through the brand’s contests? Get them at selected Astrovision branches for a mere P100. Plus get 2 free nail polishes per ticket presented at the Caronia booth during the event.

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