Treats: Magnum Classic, Unisilvertime Mug and Go Nuts Donuts


I have been putting off sinking my teeth into a bar of Magnum because I don’t like one of the endorsers. I definitely like Sea Princess though. She’s a really nice person, someone I know says. That’s how I am. While the endorser may make me want to buy a product,  the endorser could also make me stay away from a product.  But then there were these stand alone Magnum stores in SG. The store at Vivo City, which I was unable to take pictures of, was still closed when we were there so we didn’t get to try their offerings. Nostalgia trumps hated endorser.


So after voting in the recent elections, as what is our ice cream tradition, we decided on bars of Magnum Classic. Some netizens have dubbed it “glorified Pinipig Crunch”. Obviously it’s better since the vanilla ice cream was smooth and air-free and the chocolate coating’s thicker and of course, chocolatey-er. Well, it is P50 a piece. Currently, there are six flavors in the Philippine market: classic, choco brownie, chocolate & strawberry, almond, choco truffle and choco cappuccino. For more on Magnum here in the Philippines, this is their website.


I also went trick or treating last week and claimed the prize from Unisilvertime’s Daily Dose of Anime giveaway which I mentioned in this post.  Thank you Unisilvertime! If you thought that I won for identifying Rei Ayanami, then you thought wrong. 🙂 I was first to point out who she was though. The plastic mug with lid has a summery design and features one of their Tropicana watches. To check out their watches, visit the Unisilvertime website.


Go Nuts Donuts, through an app on their facebook page, gave away vouchers for free doughnuts last October. So after making a reservation (there was a huge volume of doughnuts being claimed), I got our five pieces which included Cookie Butter Crunchy and Cookie Butter Creamy doughnuts from their Luscious Creations line. These are doughnuts inspired by the Go Nuts Doughnuts Spreads which came about during the Cookie Butter craze. Thank you Go Nuts Donuts!


I’m buying a batch of those since my aunt proclaimed them as yummy and wants more. And the good news is, from November 8 to 17, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, selected Go Nuts Donuts stores are offering doughnuts at P15 a piece while supplies last. A good time to taste all their doughnuts if you haven’t. Know their different doughnuts, as well as their other products (cronuts!), visit their website.


Currently, Go Nuts Donuts has a photo contest and will be hosting other promos, also in line with their anniversary. It’s almost like last year. For more on these, follow and like their social media accounts.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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