Nail Polishes as Gifts


You can imagine my surprise when my sister told me that there’s a package waiting for me in my room. I wasn’t expecting any package but when I saw my name on the courier’s plastic bag written in a familiar script, green tea scent drifting to my nose, I took my scissors through its edge.

Another awesome loot from Caronia! Thank you equally awesome people of Vibelle! This is the third one I’ve received from joining their Match and Play Game and I haven’t even thanked them for the second set. This third set includes four 8ml Caronia nail polishes (from left to right: blueberry, kiwi, rosy glow and goddess),  Caronia Revitalizing Soak and Wash, Caronia Nourishing Creme, Caronia Cuticle Sanitizer, Caronia Cuticle Remover, Caronia Nail Polish Remover, Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat, Caronia Kwik Dry and Cuticle Conditioner, a mirror, a foot file, an umbrella, an eco-bag, a notepad and a gc for a Keratin Treatment from and courtesy of Bang’s Tony and Jackey.

polish colors from top to bottom: summer fling, pink lilac, butterscotch and tahiti brown

Last November, I received an almost similar set as the one I received in October, for being one of the top scorers in their Match and Play Game for the month of October. Different nail polish colors each time.  They’re to represent different genres of music, in line with Caronia’s latest campaign, Sound of Color. August was rock. September was pop. October was indie.  I was busy August so I was unable to join then and I regret it. I also regret that I was unable to attend Caronia’s hugely successful Music Festival at the Sky Garden which is just an fx ride from home. Argh! In their PM when I told them I won’t be able to go, Caronia was concerned about my welfare and I am really touched by how nice they are.

My sister who has a steadier hand than I do, is now hooked in nail art. Toe nails are her preferred canvasses. So yes, she’s keeping the nail polishes. But taking a page from Caronia’s generosity, some of the stuff above, I’m giving to friends. Am also getting more nail polishes since I realized that they make pretty good stocking stuffer and gifts for girlfriends. More gifts to more people. A tight budget is no longer an excuse.

goddess for the goddess, golden plum for the rocker chick, baby pink for the pink stuff collector and butterscotch all wrapped up and ready to bring Christmas cheer

You can decide on what color to get your girlfriends based on their favorite color, on the color of nail polish they usually wear, on what color of clothes they usually wear, on their personality (like something glittery for her who likes the spotlight),  on the name of the nail polish (like “diva” for the diva) or taking a cue from Caronia’s Sound of Color campaign, music preference. Still not sure what color to give? Stock up on Christmas-y ones, the ones released by nail polish brands for the Christmas season, Christmas colors and anything sparkly.

Wrap ’em up, maybe in a festive drawstring bag then add note explaining why you got her the nail polish (To my dearest friend who’s like a ray of sunshine. You always brighten my day. I’m reminded of you when I see this shade of Sweet Surprise.)

If money is not a constraint, a nail polish addict would be thrilled to receive a set of nail polish colors. Or even one who’s not but likes arts and crafts and colorful stuff. Maybe you’d be able to convert her and you can bond more while doing your nails. Yeah, talking about my sister.


I have always thought that a nail care set, cuticle sanitizer, cuticle remover and nail polish remover at the very least, plus top coat, cuticle conditioner, base coat and nail hardener (last two not in photo) for the complete mani-pedi experience, is a must for every home.


I got a hand and foot care set once from an office friend for monito monita. I’m touched that she  remembered how overworked my limbs are and that I enjoy me time in my bathroom. A hand and foot care set comprised of a soak, wash and lotion (read my review on Caronia’s here.), a foot file, massager, loofah, brush thrown in, is a great gift for people who like DIYs and want at home pampering. Especially since malls are crowded this time of year and salons tend to get overbooked. Having typed this, I’m so looking forward to soaking my footsies later and thanks to Caronia I have the stuff to get myself relaxed and pretty. Might use the GC soon so I’m set for Christmas and have fresh locks for New Year.

Caronia products are available at leading department stores nationwide, the more complete stash is found at Landmark. For more on Caronia nail polishes, nail and hand and foot care products, visit their website by clicking this link. Follow them on twitter and like their facebook page for nail art, updates (Like new polish colors. Still, I wonder what Caronia Dusk looks like?) and to meet fellow nail polish addicts!

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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