Saizen Body Lotion – Whitening Variant

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Another lotion from the loot I got using the GC I’ve won from Saizen (Thank you Saizen!) is this Whitening Body Lotion.

Ingredients:  aqua, paraffinum liquidum oil, polysorbate 20, glycrine, octyl methoxycinnamate, prunus amygdalus var. dulcis, hydrolized sweet almond protein, potassium palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, fragrance, carbomer, disodium ethylene diamine tetracetic acid, triethanolamine,  benzyl acohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone

Saizen Whitening Body Lotion has the same ingredients as that of Saizen Moisturizing Body Lotion except for their respective “special” ingredients. The consistency of both lotions are also the same, gel cream-like. I’ve noticed that the whitening lotion is absorbed by my skin faster  than the other variant and is not as sticky. Unfortunately, it is also not as moisturizing. But hey, that’s what the other variant is for, to moisturize. This one is to whiten. It’s the only thing the label promises.

I started using the Saizen Whitening Body Lotion as my night lotion in place of the the Saizen Moisturizing Body Lotion three months prior so I could see just how effective it is. I also use it during the day, when I’m stuck indoors. I have to say that while I didn’t notice my skin lighten, at least it didn’t darkened either. My skin color remained the same.

The Beautyjunkee has this post where you can find out how effective the active ingredient in your sunblock is, among other tidbits on sunblocks.  Saizen Whitening Body Lotion’s active ingredient is octyl methoxycinnamate. Looking at the chart, this ingredient seems to be moderately effective. But just to be sure, I use a different lotion with a higher spf when I go out into the sun. The label says Saizen Whitening Body Lotion has spf but it fails to mention the rating.

The scent is not as strong and long lasting as the other variant. But it is one yummy smelling lotion. Milky vanilla wafer with a hint of almond yummy. And yeah, the cats like the smell of this lotion. My sister does too.

I forgot to mention in my other Saizen Body Lotion post that these lotions are in bottles with press down screw caps. Given the size, it would have been better if they were in pump bottles. A liter is quite heavy to lift and squeeze with one hand. And you also have to wait for the lotion to come out.

Saizen Body Lotions (1000ml) are available at Saizen stores for P88. I don’t know if they’re available at Daiso stores outside the country. For more products available at Saizen, do check out facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Saizen Body Lotion – Whitening Variant

  1. i started using the product for a week now.
    it smells sweet.
    it feels good on my skin.
    it has a smooth texture.
    whitens? let’s see after a month:-)
    love this saizen lotion.

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