Snacking on Greenwich Coffee Pearl Coolers and 7 Cheese Overload Pizza Thins

Greenwich Coffee Pearl Coolers, coffee pearl coolers, pearl coolers,  pearl shakes
Buko Pandan Pearl Cooler at left, Coffee at right

Since the Philippines has a tropical climate and most Filipinos seem to like sweet concoctions laced with chewy tapioca pearls (think taho and sago’t gulaman), pearl shakes became a craze in the early 2000. Unlike McDonald’s milkshakes which make  use of soft serve ice cream, pearl shakes are made starting with a powder flavor (from cookies and cream to taro) being placed in a blender along with shaved ice and water.  Blended together into a slush then placed in a tumbler with tapioca pearls on the bottom.

While bubble tea is now the fad, there are still stalls and stores offering pearl shakes.  One of the enduring ones is Greenwich’s Pearl Coolers (P39). There were times, usually summer, when they would be called Tropicoolers, with coco jelly replacing tapioca pearls. Greenwich would change the flavors, I think also depending on the season, as I recall sipping melon, watermelon, mango. Quite recently, they introduced a new one, Coffee, which we were eager to try.

A slip of paper was handed to us along with our orders. It was a survey form for the Coffee Pearl Coolers. I couldn’t recall the questions but they were mostly 7-point scale closed ended. In response to the open ended last part, I remember writing that the Coffee Pearl Coolers are a welcome addition to their line up, providing an alternative to usual staples Buko Pandan and Chocolate. I liked that it was neither bitter nor too sweet. The creamer just right as it does not overpower the coffee. I think I like it because it tastes like my sister’s coffee. Hey Greenwich, does that mean that the Coffee Pearl Coolers make use of Nescafe instant coffee and Coffeemate coffee creamer?

Greenwich 7 Cheese Overload Pizza Thins, 7 cheese pizza, 7 cheese pizza thins, Greenwich overload pizza, pizza, pizza thins, thin-crust pizza, 7 cheese thin crust pizza

We had with the Pearl Coolers a 7  Cheese Overload Pizza Thins (party size, P339), particularly because my aunt’s diet does not allow her to eat meat. All fine with us since we love cheese. Cheese makes everything, well almost everything, better. Greenwich 7  Cheese Overload Pizza Thins has mozzarella, cream cheese, bleu cheese, edam, parmesan, cheddar and ‘special cheese’ according to their website. While I could tell that there are different cheeses in the pizza because of the varying texture and taste, I haven’t tried many cheeses individually on their own so I couldn’t tell what cheeses are there, let alone if there are seven. And, is it possible to tell that there really are 7 cheeses used in a 7 cheese pizza without seeing the actual creation of the pizza? Especially since those cheeses are mixed together? Just me thinking out loud.

For the latest products and promos, follow Greenwich on facebook and twitter. More information are on their website.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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