Mia’s Italian Water Ice

So it’s officially summer where I am and so far the highest temp to be recorded in Manila this year has been 35 degrees Celsius, which was last Friday. Malls can get pretty crowded during summer since most people tend to take refuge there and take advantage of its cool confines.


And icy cold food/beverage offerings sold by stores and kiosks. This weekend, we opted to try the offerings of one of the newer kiosks, Mia’s Italian Water Ice.  Flavors during our visit included root beer, banana, peach, pina colada, blue raspberry (yes, there is such a thing.), strawberry, tangerine, and honeydew. The ices are served in paper cups with a small plastic spoons A large scoop goes for P10, two scoops for P20,  P25 for 3 scoops. You can opt for one flavor or a combination of flavors per cup. We opted not to mix and match.The seller said that banana was among their best sellers so my aunt got that and I went for root beer.

Water Ice or Italian Ice according to wiki is similar to sorbet and undergoes the same process as that of ice cream so it’s not shaved ice (in which the flavor is poured on the shaved ice). It’s a frozen sweetened dessert flavored with fruit purees, juices or concentrates or other natural or artificial food flavorings. My brother, after sneaking a spoonful, thinks Mia’s Italian Water Ice is a lot like Slurpee. Only it takes far longer for it to turn liquid. I wonder if it tastes no different than the snow cones the penguins of Madascar so obviously love.

Mia’s Italian Water Ices were quite sweet. This is particularly evident in my cup, where the root beer flavor is quite muted. And so I like the banana more than the root beer. The flavor swirls around your mouth. It has none of that bitter taste I’ve come to associate with banana flavored stuff.

We may be trying out more flavors in the next visit, possibly mix and match them up, then head on to try more cold desserts since there are still a lot more summer weekends before the rainy season’s upon us. Ice cream filled barquillos is quite intriguing.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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