Orange Nails for Summer

from left to right: Caronia Sunset, Sunkissed and Orange Pop

To celebrate summer, I’ve been wearing orange nail polishes alternately since the middle of March. After all, orange is the predominant color of sunsets, the best of which, in my opinion, blankets the western sky during summer.

In the bottle, Caronia Sunset looks like orange gel with a chock full of tiny yellow, orange and silver glitters. Same as on a piece of paper, where Caronia Sunset is an orange tint.


On my nails,  Caronia Sunset is a clear polish with sparse silver glitters which wink yellow and orange when hit by light and settle to silver when not. It’s what I’ve been wearing to work since the glitters are inconspicuous. That is until one looks closely or light hits it, then the glitters look like a couple of fireflies.

caronia sunset

It’s Sunkissed and Orange Pop for the weekends. Sunkissed is a glossy (Crayola) yellow orange creme. I would think that this is also a perfect hue to wear for Halloween, maybe for Halloween nail art. But I suck at nail art (I have shaky hands) and Halloween is far away and more likely I will be choosing my nail color by then based on the Halloween incarnation I’m playing so anyway I’m wearing this now.


Orange Pop is a frosted red orange. For some reason, it reminds me of a juicy wet lollipop or popsicle. Even a slice of watermelon. I like this one best as it’s a bright, chipper color.  It works well with white outfits which are summer staples for me.


Incidentally, I’ve changed my wordpress admin color scheme to sunrise which has shades of orange earlier this year. I think I may have subconsciously chose orange shades to wear on my nails for summer this year. I wore neon last year and yellow the year before last.

Caronia nail polishes has had a recent price increase, with the 8ml ones now at around P32 and the 12ml at around P52. Sounds fair to me as I understand they’ve started churning out nail polishes that are 3-free.

If you’re looking for new hues to try instead for summer, Caronia recently launched three nail polish shades as part of its “Art of Dance” collection. Part of the proceeds from this collection benefits the Ballet Philippines Foundation. The collection comes in limited edition packs which could win purchasers Ballet Philippines tickets. Caronia also has a facebook contest which runs until May 5 wherein one can win tickets for two to any Ballet Philippines show or a limited edition pack. Check out their facebook page and website for more on Caronia products and promos.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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