Saizen Hand Soap in Cocomint

saizen hand soap

Daiso Japan Philippines was previously known as Saizen in the Philippines since there was already a chain of stores in the country named Daiso, Daiso (Japan Home Center). Saizen carried Saizen label beauty and hygiene products which included hand soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers and scents. Each of them at P88 a piece like most of the store’s merchandise (except for those on promos).

I have been resorting to using  hygiene products laced with mint these past few weeks in hopes of getting a respite from the hot, humid weather we’re having. Unfortunately not all products that says mint in the label is capable of rendering cooling action like that of mint candies and mouthwashes. They just smell minty. Take the Saizen Hand Soap in Cocomint. It is infused with real coconut and mint extracts but it does not give a minty fresh feeling. Just a calming, refreshing smell: mint with a hint of coconut milk. The scent goes poof at the same time as you wash the lather down the drain.

Blurb: Natural foaming formula. Formulated with premium natural ingredients and essential oils, this hard working natural hand soap create(s) a smooth lather of suds that rinse away, leaving your hands exceptionally clean and smooth. 

It is quite unfortunate that the Saizen Hand Soap in Cocomint does not have a list of ingredients on its label especially since its blurb points out that it has natural ingredients and a natural foaming formula which are come-ons for people shunning synthetic ingredients and are into natural stuff.

This hand soap is more of a translucent white liquid than gel-ly one. It creates quite a lather and is able to remove ink and semi-permanent hair color stains on my hands. It leaves an oily film on one’s skin when not rinsed off well enough. As skin dries, it begins to have that sticky feeling of having just used soap. Not to worry since that feeling is gone as soon as one’s skin dries completely.

For  more on Daiso Japan Philippines and their quirky products, visit their new facebook page at

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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