Daiso Uruuru Aloe Milky Lotion

daiso uruuru aloe milky lotion

The thing about living in the tropics is that there’s a high chance of getting sunburned from staying outdoors the whole day during summer. The likelihood of getting toasted higher if one is to hit the beach or pool.

And so this Uruuru Aloe Milky Lotion is actually a lifesaver. I popped it in the refrigerator anticipating that the family will be needing something to slather on after a day of pool frolicking. To cool down our heated skin and hopefully prevent sunburn or at least keep its damage to a minimum. Of course we’ve put on sunblock before hitting the pool but we don’t have any after sun lotions in the house at the moment. I figured this would do considering that Aloe Vera is its active ingredient. Aloe Vera has been used in a lot of skin and hair care  products supposedly for its hydrating/moisturizing ability. Heck, even our Aloe Vera plant eventually died since people kept taking its leaves.

Ingredients: water, mineral oil, glycerin, ceteareth-13, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, butylene glycol, alcohol, sorbitan sesquioleate, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylbaraben, ethylparaben, fragrance

What do you know. While everyone had achy, tender, reddened skin before applying the chilled Uruuru Aloe Milky Lotion, not one family member was complaining the day after using it. No one’s skin peeled. No one got blisters. The pain was gone the next day although we looked like roasted pigs for a few days until our skin eventually took on the color of people who went to the beach. I’m sure the sunblock we used also helped keep the damage to a minimum.

The lotion, just as its name suggests, is a runny milky white and has a powdery floral scent. Drunk by skin fast, it is non-greasy, non-sticky. Like most Daiso skincare and makeup products, the blurb on the container is in Japanese. So really, I have no idea what it specifically promises and admittedly if it is for the face or the body.  If there are instructions on the bottle I could not read it. Haha! I suspect that it’s really for the face since there is an Uruuru Aloe Moisture Lotion which is a toner in my book.

The 180 ml Vietnam-made Uruuru Aloe Milky Lotion is available at Daiso Japan Philippines stores for P88. I got it using the GC I’ve won from a contest of theirs. For more products available at Daiso Japan Philippines, do check out facebook page.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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