Hello Kitty 2014 Planner

Presenting one Hello Kitty 2014 Planner!

Yeah, I know. It’s already the middle of the year, so it seems rather late to be posting about a planner that’s meant to be used at the start of the year since it’s not a perpetual planner. But since it’s the start of the school year and I don’t think I’d be able to get away posting a 2014 planner in 2015, I’m posting this now.

hello kitty planner5

The planner is contained in a hard faux leather binder which is available in different colors. I don’t think the soft bound planner can be removed from the binder without ruining the elastic holding the two together. I’m actually not a fan of the binding itself as my planner has now come unglued from its spine. I am just consoled that it has not fallen apart.

hello kitty planner4

See that small flap on the side? It has a magnet for keeping the planner closed. The planner does not have a place marker.

Without the binder which adds about a centimeter in width, the planner is almost the same size as a common notebook.  It has relatively thick cream-colored pages that are not super smooth. I personally like this type of paper as super smooth pages meant my pen careening off when I write.

hello kitty planner

hello kitty planner1

Each month is sectioned off with a two pages containing either a quote or an an activity to be accomplished. The quote for August reads “Life is like riding a bicycle , in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.” For June, there is space to jot down goals for the school year making it seem like the planner is really for students (or teachers). Of course if you are neither, then just skip it. Or ignore it but for the illustrations.

It is because of these varying Hello Kitty prints that these pages are my favorite ones in the planner.

hello kitty planner3

The actual planner pages are quite bland. Dates on the monthly planner pages have lined spaces. At the right hand area are calendars for the preceding and succeeding months and lined space for notes. Spacing between lines are rather miniscule even for me who’s penmanship’s quite tiny.

hello kitty planner2

Following each of the monthly planner pages are five pairs of weekly planner pages with the days laid out horizontally.  The layout affords doodlenatics ample space for sprucing things up. If you’d rather have clean lines, just text, that should work too.

Extra pages in the Hello Kitty 2014 Planner include a page for personal information, 2014 and 2015 calendars,  a list of Philippine public holidays, a page for jotting down goals for the year and 9 lined pages for notes. All thee pages are unillustrated and have texts in black and red. If you’re fond of using stickers on your planer, there’s a sleeve at the back to hold them as well as other sheets people tend to stuff into their planners.

This Hello Kitty 2014 Planner is a gift from my sister in law who knows I live for paper products and cats. I have mentioned before that I’m not a rabid Hello Kitty fan but still, Hello Kitty is a cat, one that has the most number of accessible merchandise at that so it’s really no wonder that there are a couple of those goodies residing in my room. Might share what those other stuff are soon.

2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty 2014 Planner

  1. Hello, may I ask where your sister in law bought this planner. 🙂 I am really desperate. Ha ha. I need to find a Hello Kitty 2015 Planner. 😦

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